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all words & photos by Jane Briggs

Even though Katy Perry is purely bubble-gum pop, we at BYT felt obliged to cover her show at the 9:30 Club on Friday night.  When Katy pirouetted onto the stage at around 10, I thought one of the dozen eighth grade girls standing next to me might pass out from the excitement.  Luckily, there were a number of parents on-hand keeping a watchful eye.

Seeing as I wasn’t really going to the show based on the quality of Katy Perry’s music, but rather her celebrity, I was actually surprised that she sings well live…and actually plays the guitar.  Her quirky rants in between songs were also quite charming and full of a girl-power message. Making the show worth while for the boyfriends in the crowd and the girls who actually do kiss girls, Katy even flashed her silver undies at us a few times.

Here are some shots from the night of Miss Perry

JB, KatyPerry_041109_0021JB, KatyPerry_041109_0105 JB, KatyPerry_041109_0023JB, KatyPerry_041109_0020  JB, KatyPerry_041109_0120 JB, KatyPerry_041109_0150 JB, KatyPerry_041109_0134 JB, KatyPerry_041109_0185  JB, KatyPerry_041109_0063 JB, KatyPerry_041109_0026JB, KatyPerry_041109_0160 JB, KatyPerry_041109_0158 JB, KatyPerry_041109_0173 JB, KatyPerry_041109_0051 JB, KatyPerry_041109_0092

JB, KatyPerry_041109_0110   JB, KatyPerry_041109_0175   JB, KatyPerry_041109_0110

JB, KatyPerry_041109_0003