Kate Middleton Is Pregnant! Bring On The Best Baby Gifts EVER.
svetlana | Dec 3, 2012 | 1:00PM |


So, you guys, it is official-Kate Middleton and Prince William are awaiting a baby. While we’re mostly ambivalent towards famous offspring, we are weirdly excited for this. “I HOPE THE BABY HAS HER HAIR” said one of the emails in my inbox. “IS IT SAD THAT I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS?” said another. And so on. But, minus the shiny hair best wishes, we couldn’t help but also (completely non-creepily/non-obsessively) start imagining what the baby shower gift registry may contain. Here are some of our suggestions (William, Kate-if you’re reading this, you’re welcome)


  • A Pony (duh)


  • A Country To Rule Over. Oh wait, they’ll already have that.

(use the comments to drop your own suggestions, since this totally does matter, RIGHT?)