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Justin Bieber appears to have been filmed sleeping in bed by a Brazilian prostitute – who, honestly, is not likely a Brazilian prostitute. The video opens with the empty side of the bed and pans over to a sleeping Justin in fetal. Her videography skills are really excellent. She then turns the camera on herself, smiles and blows a kiss to sleeping Justin.

It’s a (after) sex tape for the ages, except probably not his tween Beliebers.  while keeping his target audience in mind.
This video changes a lot of things… What have we been listening to? Could we have predicted the future in his lyrics? Or did he get down and dirty to some of his own tunes? The likely candidates:
One Less Lonely Girl
One Less Lonely Girl, inspired by Justin’s initiative to take girls off the street. One Brazilian prostitute at a time.
One Time
One. Time.
Never Say Never
A more reflective song written to his younger fans who are having a hard time accepting Justin’s activity.
Eenie Meenie
“Eenie Meenie Miney Mo
Catch a bad chick by her toe, If she holler let ‘em go.”
Justin sings about that one time he caught a bad chick in Brazil. Obviously, he chose the wrong prostitute.
Out of Town Girl
Now I’m not kidding.
“I like your accent, I think I like you more because your different. I can be your passport, take you where you want to go.”