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Pride was emotional this year. Whether you were out marching in the streets or were practicing self-care, all of us at BYT hope you were able to celebrate yourself and the LGBTQ+ community last month in whatever way felt right to you. It doesn’t seem like any of us need reminding that the fight is far from over, but it’s important to stay vigilant moving forward, and stay loud and proud about the fact that we’re not going anywhere. It may be July, but we’re here, we’re queer, and you’d better get fucking used to it. And we (I am speaking particularly to my fellow cis white queer community now) need to make sure that Black trans and gender nonconforming lives are being especially protected and uplifted year-round. Just yesterday, Merci Mack was reportedly the fourth Black trans woman killed in a month. The disproportionate amount of violence and inequality Black trans people face is horrific, unconscionable, and it must stop.

Let’s stay active. Let’s demand justice and change. There is no alternative.

Here is a guide we published a few weeks ago that suggests some ways to support and protect Black trans lives; you can check that out, but here are some more resources and items to read to better understand how you can help:

“We need action from everyone who purports to be a protector and nurturer of Black trans lives. Are you a bystander while Black trans women are being killed – or are you an upstander?” READ THIS from Janetta Johnson & the TGIJP Family – it includes some great resources.

“We want a world where Black Trans Women & Black Trans Femmes are thriving and leading solutions for social, economic, and political change.” Black Trans Women and Black Trans Femmes: Leading & Living Fiercely is also crucial reading.

“Money, that’s the number one way. There’s a lot of trauma that we carry in our bodies and in our bones because we haven’t had places to sleep, places to eat, places to take showers, places to be reclusive when the world becomes too much and too violent for us. We need places of rest and often that’s the one thing that people ask.” Mattie Mooney speaks to Crosscut about meaningful ways to support Black trans lives.

Have the means to donate financially? Bustle suggests 32 Black-led queer and trans organizations to support.

“Even if employers and coworkers genuinely want to be inclusive, they often aren’t sure where to start. Here are four ways that you can make your workplace — digital or otherwise — more welcoming and equitable for trans people.” Some good starting advice from NPR.

For a more all-encompassing guide, check out ACLU of Missouri’s toolkit; it addresses ways of making a variety of spaces and situations safe for trans people, and also addresses some specific ways to be an ally to Black trans communities.

“It’s crucial to remember risking privilege is never close to the daily harm, fear and challenges trans women of color experience when living out their identities unapologetically.” This Mashable allyship guide is a few years old now, but a lot of its points hold up.

The Trevor Project has a PDF guide that offers solid introductory information for how to be an ally to trans and nonbinary youth; good for beginners, and this could be a great resource to share with someone you know (a family member, a friend, etc.) who is starting to educate themselves about trans issues.

This obviously is not an exhaustive list, and it is up to all of us to continue seeking out ways to educate ourselves and stay active in the fight for Black trans lives. We remain committed to amplifying issues and voices at BYT; please feel free to reach out anytime at [email protected]