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July is the second funniest month in D.C. (October is the funniest). The return of the Kennedy Center’s District of Comedy Festival will bring once-in-a-lifetime shows, podcasts that never record in D.C. and some of the best NYC and LA shows to D.C. There’s also a comedy show in the Dupont Underground. That’s going to be weird in a good way.

Friday, July 7

Chris Garcia @ Big Hunt

Underground Comedy produces some of the best stand up shows in D.C. Chris Garcia is funny. He was one of our Funny Human’s of the Week last year. We vouch for him. -Brandon Wetherbee

also July 8

Saturday, July 8

Risk @ Black Cat

There are a lot of storytelling podcasts out there, but Risk! has carved out a solid niche as one of the most reliably funny and provocative ones in the game. Culled from live events happening in LA and nationwide, host Kevin Allison (a founding member of alt-comedy godparents The State) handpicks guest storytellers, comedians, and writers to share thrilling stories based around a theme. -Matt Byrne

Sunday, July 9

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live! @ Lincoln Theatre

When I was in high school I would sit on the phone (a real live landline!) with my best friend Jeff so we could watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 “together.” We would sit in silence, laughing occasionally. I probably won’t sit on the phone with Jeff at this particular performance, but I’m sure I’ll laugh. – Jenn Tisdale

Tuesday, July 11

Kyle Mooney @ 9:30 Club

The San Diego native had big shoes to fill in replacing Andy Samberg as the de-facto face of SNL’s Digital Shorts, and he’s done as good a job as most could have. The truth is you either love or hate Kyle Mooney’s schtick on SNL – he’s responsible for the some of the weirder, more absurdist bits that have aired on the show over the last four years, including his rap battle with Kanye and “The Librarian” (featuring Margot Robbie).  He has some naturally awkward, strange energy, and that might actually translate to some solid stand up. Who knows though. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Wednesday, July 12

The Blues Brothers @ Arlington Drafthouse

The premise of The Blues Brothers is Nazi’s are bad and large institutions like the Catholic Church may not be 100% great but they’re worth saving because Nazi’s are much, much worse. Also, hang out with everybody and be cool. -Brandon Wetherbee

Thursday, July 13

WITCH TAINT: The Black Metal Dialogues LIVE! with Dave Hill and Phil Costello @ Black Cat

It doesn’t matter if you hate metal or you love metal, you’re going to want to go to this show. In 2005 Dave Hill slipped into a Norwegian black metal k-hole and decided to masquerade as a 19-year-old kid from Gary, Indiana and front man of the (imaginary) band Witch Taint. He reached out to a prominent black metal record label and began corresponding with them as the 19-year-old. Shit only got weirder and more hilarious from there. While you can read The Black Metal Dialogues online for free, this will be a live performance including shitty costumes and makeup, all culminating with the performance of Witch Taint’s only single. -Kaylee Dugan

Friday, July 14

Kurt Braunholer @ Drafthouse Comedy

Kurt Braunohler’s an affable, charmingly weird standup with a penchant for big time absurdist stunts (parades, bus tours, etc.). His most recent album, Trust Me, is culled from a Comedy Central special of the same name and finds our friend Kurt at the top of his game, comedy-wise. -Matt Byrne

Saturday, July 15

Desus Nice & The Kid Mero @ 9:30 Club

I don’t know who is more steeped in the zeitgeist of black/Latinx culture right now than Desus and Mero – even if it’s from a shit talking perspective. Honestly, these guys are incredibly intelligent, funny, and give zero fucks. They have great chemistry and the friendship between them is evident; it should be a blast to see them in person. Also, shout out to my fellow Dominicano Mero. Dimelo, tigere! -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Sunday, July 16

Bitch Sesh Live @ 9:30 Club

I enjoy everything Casey Wilson does. Casey Wilson is half of Bitch Sesh. That’s why the 6 p.m. show is sold-out and a 2 p.m. show was added. -Brandon Wetherbee

Tuesday, July 18 and Wednesday, July 19

Tim & Eric @ Lincoln Theatre

While things have been relatively quiet in Tim & Eric land over the last year or two, the duo have reunited for a very exciting ten year anniversary, marking a decade since the premiere of their wildly influential Adult Swim sketch show. Expect songs, body fluids, skits, and goofs both new and familiar. -Matt Byrne

Thursday, July 20

The Bentzen Ball Podcast Studio: How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black @ Kennedy Center

Michael Ian Black is the light that guides me in the darkness. His set on cargo pants (spoiler alert: don’t wear them) at last year’s Bentzen Ball made me laugh harder than I thought was humanly possible. You’re going to love him with all of your heart, trust me. -Kaylee Dugan

Friday, July 21

The Bentzen Ball Podcast Studio: Reductress presents Mouth Time Live! @ Kennedy Center

Reductress gives me life. With pieces like this and how about this one it’s one of the few joys I have left in this thing we call Internet. Mouth Time is beautiful satire in podcast form. – Jenn Tisdale

Saturday, July 22

The Bentzen Ball Podcast Studio: Mortified @ Kennedy Center

It’s like a humiliation Thunderdome. – Jenn Tisdale

Tuesday, July 25

Beltway Pundits @ Dupont Underground

The annual pundits competition goes undergroud. Literally. Programming like this makes us excited. It’s an unordinary show in an unordinary venue. -Brandon Wetherbee

Wednesday, July 26

Wag the Dog @ NoMa Summer Screen

Snowden is the funniest film I saw outdoors in 2017. That wasn’t intentional. Wag the Dog began as a comedy and is now more of a not-comedy. -Brandon Wetherbee

Thursday, July 27

Specific Ignorance @ Drafthouse Comedy

The Drafthouse has been producing a lot of quality, very affordable local shows. This monthly show hosted by Chris Milner is part game show, part trivia. Just watch the video to understand. -Brandon Wetherbee

Friday, July 28

Found Footage Fest @ Arlington Drafthouse

Do you find yourself combing through weird YouTube clips into the early hours of the morning? Then, boy do we have the perfect festival for you! All of the footage is a carefully curated collection of weird shit that has been found in trash cans, thrift stores and the like. From strangely sensual exercise videos to pet rock montages, it’s a sweet spot of garbage that doesn’t require you to interact with YouTube commenters.  -Kaylee Dugan

Saturday, July 29

Ahmed Bharoocha @ Drafthouse Comedy

We opened the the month with a Funny Human of the Week veteran and we’re closing it with another. -Brandon Wetherbee