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Have you been to Fort Reno this year? This is your last week to see a show. Numbers Station, Bacchae, and Makeup Girl play tonight.

The Nats play the Marlins in Miami but you can watch the game inside the stadium while eating crabs. Tonight is the Crab Feast on the Field. Your ticket includes a Curly W Crab Mallet & Nats Pint Glass. This is a good idea. More food and drink events at Nats Park while the team is away, please.

Gillian Welch plays Kennedy Center. Read our interview with the musician.

Queen + Adam Lambert are at Verizon Center. Is he the most successful American Idol singer? Sure, Jennifer Hudson has an Academy Award but she’s more famous for film. Kelly Clarkson is great but she’s not singing with Queen and appearing on Drag Race. Carrie Underwood. I forgot about her. She’s the most successful. But she’s still not on Drag Race.

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  • D.C.’s weed market continues to be frustrating and ambiguous. WAMU takes a look at how D.C. residents and businesses have been attempting to make it work for them.