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Ben Gibbard sings about feelings at Lincoln Theatre and Conor Oberst sings about feelings at 9:30 Club.

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Do some yoga in the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

BYT + Lululemon Yoga at Renwick Gallery

We like BRNDA. See them at Slash Run.

See a movie outside. Wag The Dog screens at NOMA Summer Screen.

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See a show outside. Regina Spektor and Ben Folds share a bill at Wolf Trap.

Learn about Ultimate Frisbee at Kramerbooks. I’m not interested in attending this but I do want to know how in depth anyone can get about Ultimate Frisbee.

  • A neighborhood in Brooklyn has been transformed into 70s 14th Street for Speilberg’s upcoming movie Nor’Easter, which will focus on the Washington Post’s fight to publish the Pentagon Papers. While some of the filming will take place in D.C. proper, I guess the SoulCycle and Le Diplomate kind of clashed with the vibe.

  • Did you read that weird story about the Japanese men who live with sex dolls? Well, read that first and then read this interview with the reporter and the photographer where they talk about how much it scarred them.
  • Bryce Harper and his wife have a food Instagram account because I guess even very well plaid baseball stars care those sweet sweet impressions.