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It’s not crazy hot outside! Hooray! See an outdoor movie! Brooklyn screens at the Georgetown Sunset Cinema.

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It’s not crazy hot outside! Hooray! See John Legend at Merriweather! John Legend’s better half was finally blocked by The Donald. Good for her!

If you’re a fan of “classic” things and/or “rock” things you might enjoy Foreigner, Cheap Trick, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience at Jiffy Lube Live. Cheap Tricks rules so hard. I love Cheap Trick. “He’s A Whore” is one of the best rock songs of all time. It’s the best song about the gigolo lifestyle.

We really enjoyed to tell my story at Silver Spring Black Box Theatre. See it now. The run is very short.

You know what’s across the street from the Silver Spring Black Box Theatre? Fillmore Silver Spring. Guess who’s playing again tonight? 311. Hell yeah.

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  • Remember that young robotics team from Burundi that went missing in D.C.? Remember reading the reports that some of them had entered Canada? Here is the full, truly heart breaking story.
  • There is a luxury Vasectomy center in Virginia, for those of you who want a little booze after surgery. Maybe I’m an idiot who doesn’t know about anything, but I feel like drinking after or before any surgery is not advised? Are these people even doctors? Also, it costs $3000.

  • This is not timely, or locationally relevant, but I have been obsessively reading these blog posts about a German family that went missing in Death Valley. If you’re interested in missing persons cases, or hiking and camping in the desert, it’s an interesting look at how easy it is to get lost.