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Welcome to another one of these things, where I post up a bunch of stuff from a comedy person who I find to be both funny and “on the rise.” It’s Funny Human of the Week and this week’s Funny Human is Jon Millstein, a writer/director/comedy person based in LA who’s behind some of the best web videos of 2018. See below for the recently posted “So you’re grounded,” an extremely well-executed riff on a classic comedy conceit: the vintage training video.

Here’s another perfect piece of goofiness, written and directed by Jon and starring the extremely funny Mike Hanford: The Pokemon Go Personal Injury Lawyer!

Let’s take a few moments to feel the gravitas of small town romance and broken dreams. It’s College.mp4 and boy is it well done.

As we’ve established, Jon is an extremely good and creative writer so is it any surprise that he’s very funny on Twitter? No it is not. See below for some quality posts:

Jon made a series of videos for Funny Or Die over the past few years, including this one: Where Does The Smell Of Kisses Come From?, which seeks to answer that very question.

As we all remember, Logan Paul made a big old mistake by posting a video of a corpse to his Youtube feed earlier this year. Here’s Jon’s official response, it’s AMessagetoLogan_Paul.mov and it will really make you think!