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John Carpenter is in town tonight but I’m positive he rolled into D.C. last night. Yesterday felt different. My day started normally enough, with my alarm going off at 6:30 as it usually does but I was like…

It was another gorgeous summer day in The District so I grabbed my sunglasses and CRUMBLED BENEATH THE WEIGHT OF OUR CAPITALIST SOCIETY. I also applied sunblock.

I finally firmed up my fall vacation plans while sitting on the Metro for far too long. Single tracking my personal and public transportation life.

Free muffins at the office means TOO MANY MUFFINS FOR THIS GAL

I then spent the morning responding to some pretty demanding work emails

By lunch time my brain was already losing steam and the will to come up with a witty Facebook status.

So I stood up, stretched these old bones and headed out for MORE FOOD.

It’s almost as if I didn’t eat 15 muffins for lunch, such was the strength of my hunger. I guess being chained to a desk will do that to you.

Work dragged on.

When I was finally able to leave I of course got trapped on a Metro car with FAR TOO MANY KIDS. Just trying to read my book here let’s keep the talking to a minimum. Damn.

I made sure to hit the gym before going home REMEMBER THOSE MUFFINS.

I skipped dinner because I was still full then did my nightly ritual of staring into the mirror while muttering

Before you know it, time for bed! I slept like a Prince…