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all photos: Jeff Martin

For the sake of our teenage girl readers (all of whom seem to worship at the Jenny Lewis altar) we decided to cover the (very sold out) Jenny & Johnny show @ The Black Cat this past Thursday.

We staffed a teenage girl writer, and sent Jeff along to take photos because we wanted you to be able to take an extra sharp look at the two floppy haired teen dreams.

But our teenage girl writer fell of her bike and got hurt and could not make it and Jeff went and we got some general attendance notes from attendees:

  • Yeah the show itself sucked.
  • Super juvenile song lyrics, themes, etc.
  • There was literally a 12 year old standing next to me.
  • They should have taped the show it would have been great after school disney channel material.
  • I’m a pretty big rilo kiley fan so I was expecting something along those lines but NOPE.
  • Left about halfway through their set.

WHAT DID YOU THINK? (It is ok if you call us elderly in the comments and explain to us why it was awesome, if it was awesome)

JennyJohnnyandHStFest-01 JennyJohnnyandHStFest-02 JennyJohnnyandHStFest-03 JennyJohnnyandHStFest-04 JennyJohnnyandHStFest-05 JennyJohnnyandHStFest-06 JennyJohnnyandHStFest-07 JennyJohnnyandHStFest-08 JennyJohnnyandHStFest-09 JennyJohnnyandHStFest-10 JennyJohnnyandHStFest-11 JennyJohnnyandHStFest-12