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We don’t usually review apps but when we received the press release for the Moog Model 15 Modular App, we were intrigued. We also knew the right person to play with it, Mellow Diamond’s Janel Leppin. Leppin is an excellent musician and plays a Mood, not just a Moog app. We gave her a download code for the app. Here’s the result.

“Endless Opportunity with the Moog Model 15” by Janel Leppin

When you open the Moog Model 15 app you find yourself in a wonderland of sound. Diving into the presets you find gorgeous analog creations each a jewel awaiting to soothe scraggy ear canals. For the price of a dinner out you can own this gorgeous app. Through midi, Ableton Link and all other major IOS audio and midi connectivity utilities you can unite programs to your hearts delight across devices, channeling midi through it and into your home recording gear. You can even control it through an external keyboard.

Rob Yale and I met for a study session with our Moog Model 15 apps one afternoon. Plugging both iPads into an external speaker we blasted the various presets and began to delve into the magic of making patches ourselves with much success. This is a perfect evening jam for any synth fiend in all honesty, invite a friend or two over and pour over your devices as you listen to each others experiments and learn about the app’s endless possibilities.

It took a bit of time to understand the app’s multitouch tapping and swiping movements to pull virtual patch cables around and you’ll have to use one finger to hold the cable and another to scroll from one view of the modular to another. Nothing beats the real thing. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy plugging cables in or love that feeling of control when you twist a knob and hear the sound change immediately? The pure physicality is what’s missing. If you’re willing, the original Moog Model 15 can be yours for the price of a car or the cost of a few weeks in the studio. The app also has four-voice polyphony, so you would actually need four hardware model 15’s for that effect. If you want all of the accoutrements the app offers you are looking at a down payment for a house in the forest. If you prefer to put out the album, own the car or buy that house in the forest you can simply sacrifice a night out and purchase the application. You’ll be extremely pleased unlocking the beauty.