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Svetlana Legetic

Ceo “Whorehouse (…)”

“Baby I’m so lost inside a whorehouse”. This whole album is amazing in every imaginable way (meaning it sounds like the cutest/scariest/catchiest pop carnival unraveling in my head) but it is always good to start with the first single off of anything and work from there. Wonderland should be the next stop:

Pet Shop Boys “Jealousy”

I like the letter P on my ipod more than most other letters for some reason. I think it is because Paul McCartney, Paul Simon and Pet Shop Boys are all next to each other). Jealousy just came up as I was working my way through it all this week again and it still gives me goosebumps even if I don’t at all relate to it. Power of pop music people!
“Where’ve you been?
Who’ve you seen?
You didn’t phone when you said you would!”

Sharon Van Etten “Every Time the Sun Comes Up”

Next week, I will be out of town for yet another SVE show. Typical. Though, according to Josh Phelps “Look, to wildly paraphrase the EXCELLENT Charles Grodin on Louie, the seeing/hearing of Sharon Van Etten is not the joy of SVE… It’s the missing her, the pain of not seeing her that is the good stuff. It’s when you don’t feel that way that things are over. See, you WIN by missing it!”. I play this song (you can ask Wetherbee) about 15 times a week in the office, once the morning starts, once in the middle of every morning, and once when the morning is no longer happening.

Paul Simon “Obvious Child”

Did I mention I like the letter P on my ipod more than most other letters for some reason? Also, everyone go see OBVIOUS CHILD THIS WEEKEND. I mean, NOW.

Jenn Tisdale

Louis C.K. Chewed Up


This is not a tune but for some unfathomable reason I recently found myself running to Louis C.K.’s album Chewed Up. Normally I have to have some kind of music playing or I won’t be able to finish. We can’t be alone with our thoughts, RIGHT HUMANS? I was pleasantly surprised by the experience and somehow found myself chuckling through my ragged breaths. Give it a try if you like to sweat while you laugh.

Trent Burns

El Ten Eleven “My Only Swerving”

The first time I heard this was in a documentary, and I thought it was pretty cool. One YouTube search later and I found this live recording (which, by the way, is mixed/produced excellently) and was absolutely blown away when I realized this beautifully layered track was the result of one man and a small army of looper pedals. Also, his inspiration for the song is pretty cool.

Alex Tebeleff

ACME “Girlfriend Tonight”

New kings of funk in DC. This is the DC summer jam.

Alana Wise

CeeLo Green “Fuck You”

I’m angry this week, but I’m too self-centered to let it ruin my good time. The product: an expletive-riddled dismissal with the danciest damn beat ever.