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Kaylee Dugan

Kitty “Morgan Stop”

I love anything and everything that Kitty does. Their new EP is basically perfect and I am anxiously awaiting Flower Violence.

Sarah Guan

Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah”

I recognize that I am going to lose any street cred I had by choosing this song but it is the only reason why I am sitting through this Nats game right now. #natitude

Svetlana Legetic

Q-Feel “Dancing in Heaven” aka “Orbital Bebop”

I love it because it was featured in my favorite dance competition movie of all time (Girls Just Want To Have Fun-see bonus clip of the final DTV dance-off below) and I used to practice somersaulting off of my baby concerto piano to it in my room when I was 9 (it is ok guys, I’m still alive and only a little brain damaged) but also because Cale and I would probably never have ended up being friends if he was not the only person in the world that would willingly play that song in public and then play it again every time I ask him to. Also, major outfit inspirations for tonight.

BONUS CLIP of the song featuring “A Very Young Sarah Jessica Parker in Spandex”

Carly Loman

I only listen to Allie X now. If that’s not also how you are currently living your auditory life, then you are not doing good.

Allie X “BITCH”

Allie X “PRIME”

Allie X “CATCH”

Alyssa Moody

Strand of Oaks “Shut In”

Everything The Killers wish they could be.

Josh Phelps

Sturgill Simpson “Turtles All the Way Down”

Woke up the other Sunday to hear someone being interviewed on NPR about DMT, mushrooms, and acid – was this an Alexander Shulgin discussion? (RIP.) No, just country musician Sturgill Simpson who’s made an excellent record in Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. He downplays the connection to his outlaw forbearers but for an outsider listening in, the resemblance is there in the Waylon croon. He’s made a concept album about love and other drugs with Turtles kicking off in most excellently weird fashion: “There’s a gateway in our minds that leads somewhere out there far beyond this plain, where reptile aliens made of light’ll cut you open and pull out all your pain.” Pass that over here, Sturgill.

Freddie Gibbs and G-Wiz “On Some G Shit”

Gangsta Gibbs and G-Wiz go hard as fuck on g-code, getting gaffled by the cops, and moving that work. The trippy, siren laced beat from Lifted gets an added boost of intensity when paired with the final, single shot scene from True Detective episode 4. Paired, it’s an intense speedball of eloquent if not elegant gangster tropes.

Sun Kil Moon “Ocean Breathes Salty”

Caught Ricky Gervais yesterday talking about God, atheism and how Sun Kil Moon was his favorite band. His favorite line is, “You wasted life, why wouldn’t you waste death?” Exellent point, excellent comic, excellent song.

Glass Gang “Broken”

Brooklyn reverb merchants Glass Gang drop another brooding single on the masses. Whereas previous release “Sell It All,” featuring Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR, frenetically sprinted and bounced, “Broken”‘s layered guitars and 808s move glacially in comparison. It’s a blissful wall of sound that envelopes you and might take you to some places in your head you didn’t want to be, but then, isn’t that the point sometimes?

Phil Runco

Future “Straight Up”

I am going to see Future on Sunday. It will either be the greatest night of my life or a crushing disappointment, and that all hinges on whether he plays “Straight Up.” Also, I have been using the phrase “astronaut status” a lot lately, even though my audience has no idea what I’m talking about. I am OK with this.

Gold-Bears “Yeah, Tonight”

I love this band.

Jenn Tisdale

Kanye West “Black Skinhead”

Lately I’ve been listening to Kanye as if I’ve just discovered Kanye…because I have. For no apparent reason whatsoever I’ve largely ignored the incredible force that is Kanye West. His relationship and now marriage to Kim Kardashian did not help. I have all of his albums on my iPod, however, and was blown away when “Black Skinhead,” cycled through it while running the other day. First of all the lyrics are fucking amazing but more importantly, for exercise purposes, it has a beat you can sweat to.

Alana Wise

K. Flay “The Cops”

I dunno. I just figure one day I’ll be involved in a relationship where a promise not to talk to the cops may mean something.

Alan Zilberman

Shopping “Long Way Home”

If scientists worked tirelessly in a lab to create a post-punk song that would live in my head for weeks on end, it still wouldn’t be as catchy or good as this.