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Legba Carrefour

I’ve had the 1997 compilation Anokha: Soundz of the Asian Undrgrnd on heavy repeat all week. Put together by Talvin Singh, it crosses and connects strange lines between late-nineties drum and bass (which has been seeing a revival of late), trip hop, and Indian classical music. Best tracks are Singh’s own “Jaan” and State of Bengal’s “Flight IC408”.

Svetlana Legetic

Kylie has a new video out which made me REALIZE that I have been listening to her for 26 years now. So, below, some highlights of all the pop magic she brought to me over the last 2.5+ decades. THANK YOU!

“I Should Be So lucky”

My first cassingle (side note: this week I really like saying the word “cassingle”) The video for which involves some seriously chaste bubble bathing, lots of ringlets and scrunchies and those horrible 80s skirts that are tight on top and poof out around the knee.

“Your Disco Needs You”

Now, I’ve always loved this song, but I had never seen the video for it until I was putting this together tonight and man, does it suck. So embarrassing I am amazed the did not burn all copies and disable all embedding till the end of time.

But, and this is something to definitely love about Kylie, she embraces all her mortifying moments as much as all her glory moments.

“Spinning Around”

Also known as “the song with the video featuring the gold lame shorts”.

A comeback was inevitable.


“In Your Eyes”

So good and so slinky and Kylie has so many producers that know EXACTLY what they are doing that this is undeniable.

PLUS, this line:
“It’s no surprise
I’ve been watching you lately
I want to make it with you”

People should really say, “I want to make it with you,” while shimmying up to people on the dance floor more often. It will probably get you slapped on the cheek, but it will be worth it.

and then now, THIS (I looked it up the woman is 45)

Jenn Tisdale

Dolly Parton “9 to 5”

In honor of Lily Tomlin coming to The Strathmore March 28 and her reunion with Jane Fonda in the upcoming Netflix show Grace and Frankie (Make sure to visit BYT next week for an in depth interview. -ed), I give you the most accurate depiction of your soul-sucking job you’ll ever see. This was Office Space before Office Space was Office Space.

Brandon Wetherbee

Future Death “Riot Trains”

A band that knows how to name itself and their songs. This Austin act’s new LP is part noise rock, part hardcore drums, part over-processed melodic vocals that all work quite fine together.

La Femme “Amour Dans Le Motu”

One of the best parts of living in DC are the odd and wonderful places to see bands that maybe never heard of. Case in point, La Femme is playing the French Embassy tonight. They’re also playing Rock and Roll Hotel next week, but seeing them at the French Embassy is much cooler.

This track is from their excellently titled 2013 LP Psycho Tropical Berlin.

Perfect Pussy “Driver”

Perfect Pussy is the kind of band that makes you want to play guitar in a loud band.

Their debut LP is now on iTunes. Buy it. They’ll be at Death By Audio in Brooklyn and DC9 in DC in April. See them.


Big Audio Dynamite “I Don’t Know”

It was around 1994 when my older cousin first played The Globe for me. It was by Big Audio Dynamite, or technically Big Audio Dynamite II, as it was the second incarnation of Clash guitarist Mick Jones weird solo project. Not that I had any clue who The Clash were at that time mind you. Anyway, I immediately high speed dubbed the hell out of it and was obsessed, especially the hit single Rush, which I felt I was pretty good at singing along to (I wasn’t). Eventually my tape deck broke and I never bothered to replace The Globe for many years, just sticking with some singles. Which was a mistake, cause this BAD boy (get it?) is great. Also I love the evolution of the cover, first the 1990 UK-only version when it was called Kool-Aid:

to the 1991 wider release expanded version The Globe:

God, how did things get so uncool in only one year? Ok, so here is I Don’t Know, it’s no Rush, but it’s still a lot of fun:

Alana Wise

Soko “We Might Be Dead Tomorrow”

Beautifully morbid. Don’t listen if you’re on the verge of an existential crisis.

Arctic Monkeys “I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor”

Anybody looks good on a dance floor.

Alan Zilberman

Tycho “Awake”

Yup, this is going to be my work soundtrack for next couple months.

The 5 Royales “Think”

The Detroit Cobras inspired me to look up this band, and I don’t regret it.