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  • Alan Pyke
  • “State of Mind,” Raul Midón – You have ears and nothing to fill the post-Happy Hour, pre-raging stretch of your Friday evening? Worried that Jazz in the Garden will be too crowded to properly romance that sensitive artist type who finally agreed to go out with you tonight? You’re lucky — there are still tickets available for Raul Midón at the Howard Theatre (8:00 set, 6:00 doors if you’re HON-gree). Listen to Midón long enough and he’ll have you thinking of a half-dozen different other types of performer. He plays his guitar with a style at once clean and percussive, a sort of pop-inflected flamenco style, but he can take it to a sweet spot between Enrique Iglesias and James Taylor too. This isseduction music. It belongs on the soundtrack to a George Clooney movie, while he’s slow-dancing with a once-reluctant dame in a beach-side tiki bar after sunset. Or something. Don’t miss it.
  • Jesse Young
  • “MLK” U2 Dortmund, West Germany, 1984 – I’ve been on an unironic early U2 kick of late — and this live clip from The Unforgettable Fire tour has been in my rotation all week. I could listen to the warm, rippling tone of The Edge’s single synth chord all goddamn day. If you can get past the towering self-seriousness of the song’s subject, it’s a pretty remarkable little setpiece.
  • Joy
  • It’s an Etta James cover but Alex Clare does it justice (imho)!

  • This week has been a bit grungy. Ergo, “Sail” by Awolnation:

  • The new Canadian Fallout Boy? Watch the vid though it’s hilarious – homage to Beverly Hills 90210:
  • Bradley
  • This hot new jam by Sebastian Tellier:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyfZ5zauUCo
  • Sick old school Groove Armada:

  • And this massive Joe Goddard remix of Disclosure’s Control, which was on the recent Hot Chip Essential Mix:

  • Logan
  • On the note of Hot Chip’s essential mix, here’s one of my favorite drops: Prince –  Sign “☮” the Times
  • On the note of essential mixes in general, Pete Tong’s entry to his own EM canon is a nice one. Here’s an early 2000s jam that made the cut