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Megan Burns

Hi, and welcome to Club Megan! I’m being mega-obnoxious this week with shimmery robot bleeps, but it’s whatever.

Bronze Whale “Say It”

This song makes me feel like driving a car in slow-motion after the sun has set but before it’s completely dark. I would be steering with one hand (my right hand) and probably nodding my head. It wouldn’t look lame because this song would be playing, and people would just “get it”, you know?

Goldroom “Embrace (Gold Fields Remix)”

Have you ever watched Fashion TV at an off hour? If so, you’ll likely be aware they have a lot of weird, artsy commercials, followed by that lady who constantly (and breathily) says EFFFFFFF to remind you that you are watching Fashion TV. (How could you forget?) Anyway, this song makes me feel like I fell into the television and wound up inside of Fashion TV, and that maybe I AM that lady who constantly (and breathily) says EFFFFFFF.

Corona “Rhythm of the Night (Hotel Garuda Remix)”


I really cannot help myself with this one…Corona’s original “Rhythm of the Night” is easily one of my favorite songs of all time, and in this remixed case, the inclusion of some jazzy sax ‘n piano makes me feel like I just ate a bowl of hot glitter. (That’s a good thing.)

Peter Heyneman

Since I’m now officially on True Detective season II (spiritually) which is set (in my spiritual world) in 1990s Olympia WA starring two Riot Grrl Detectives solving patriarchy crimes and castrating frat bros, I have had Huggy Bear on repeat in YouTube (the only place you can find Huggy Bear these days). Bite the face that breeds you y’all.

Svetlana Legetic

This week, the Gary Winogrand retrospective opens @ National Gallery of Art AND Jessica Lange and Charlotte Rampling just got announced as the new faces of some of the most covetable fashion and beauty brands around so I have been cruising around town listening to a lot of old school-ish songs, maybe or maybe not from assorted soundtracks, all concerning the topics of becoming (and remaining) generally unforgettable and timeless (#GOALS). They make it all look so easy:

Billie Holliday “Too Marvelous for Words”

Peter Starstedt “Where do You Go To My Lovely?”

Jane Birkin “QUOI”

Pet Shop Boys “Being Boring”

Momus “Born to be Adored”

Brandon Wetherbee

DDm “Lookin Ass Hoes”

I edited all of the Super Sampler interviews and this is the track that stood out the most. I am now a DDm fan. I have downloaded every DDm track from his Soundcloud page. I suggest you do the same.

Destroyer of Light “Battlefield Girth”

In addition to Baltimore hip-hop, I enjoy Austin doom metal. Destroyer of Light’s guitarist Steve Colca will be my house band next week at You, Me, Them, Everybody at SXSW. I like lots of things. In an ideal world DDm and Destroyer of Light will tour.

Queens of the Stone Age “Never Say Never”

This came up on shuffle and I’m glad it did. It was released on the promotional single for “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” from Rated R. QOTSA turned the new wave song into a harmonics dream.

Alana Wise

Housse de Racket “Oh Yeah!”

Croissant, oui, mademoiselle, voulez-vous coucher avec moi, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah… I’m pretty sure those are the lyrics.

K. Flay “So Fast, So Maybe”


If you like S&M, go choke a bitch, just please make sure said bitch has agreed to the choking. Trust me, it can get a bit hairy otherwise.

Alan Zilberman

New War “Game of Love”

Everyone knows that brooding minimalist post-punk is the best kind of post-punk.