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Morgan Baskin

deadmau5 “Strobe”

How can such a huge douchebag make such beautiful music? I ask myself this question whenever “Strobe” comes on shuffle.

Lucius “Two of Us on the Run”

These girls look just like little French cakes and/or Anthropologie mannequins. And they also happen to be v. talented.


Since February is National Weddings Month (whatever that means) here’s a wedding song. Heidecker & Wood is the music project from Tim Heidecker, of the genius comedy duo Tim & Eric, along with their music collaborator Devin Wood. They play it relatively straight, similar to what Ween did in the mid 90s with their 12 Golden Country Greats album (please listen to it if you haven’t), but with MOR 70s soft rock. Enjoy the subtly silly “Wedding Song”… which I played at my wedding while slow dancing with my mom (or would have if I was that cool).

Svetlana Legetic

It is NYFW AND WINTER OLYMPICS ARE KICKING OFF and as such, while ice skating around the disaster that is NY I am listening exclusively to songs by very fashionable people that I would use as my back up song during a figure skating routine that I know I have in me, if only I chose to practice it.
In no particular order:

Freemasons “Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer” feat. Sophie Ellis Baxtor

AMAZING video featuring amazing cheekbones + I always loved how she really British accents the hell out of DANCER.

Roisin Murphy “Ruby Blue”

Why isn’t there a new Roisin Murphy song every month?

Roxy Music “Same Old Scene”

You guys, nothing lasts forever. Well, nothing aside from glitter. Glitter DOES last forever-it is like the herpes of crafts (AND FASHION).

Annie “Ralph Macchio”

Jenn, this one is the two of us

Josh Phelps

Glass Gang “Edits”

Brooklyn electronic mystery men Glass Gang chop up their own tracks into Edits, of which Waves is just fucking sublime. Getting massive burn on XLR8R and my laptop right now.

Bun B “Pushin”


Would you rather be sold drugs or a Samsung phone? Exactly. The youth should learn about The Impression’s gem, “Keep On Pushing,” from independent businessman/sultan of snow/occupy supporter Bun B and not a Korean tv maker. Bonus, Face appearance!

White Zombie “Thunderkiss ’65”

Sometimes when it’s -8 degrees in the middle of Minnesota this is the only shit that’s gonna get me out of bed.

Steve Place

Kelela’s new sex anthem


Brandon Weight

Major Lazer “Aerosol Can” (feat. Pharrell Williams)

Further proving that Pharrell Williams is the rap game cicada. He’ll be around for the rest of the season, but won’t be back for 7 years.

Ellie Goulding “Life Round Here” (Feat. Angel Haze)

The R&B equivalent of a perfect Tinder match. You click the heart. You’re in love. Angel Haze tears it up, and you get a peek of the wild side. You keep trying to click the heart.

Ke$ha “Timber” (2014 Solo Version | Woo Hoo) No Pitbull!

I’m in my early twenties, and if I’m forced to hear this song when going out, it better not have any Pitbull. This version has no Pitbull. Both versions come with free Fireball shots.

Alana Wise

Anna Kendrick, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake “Poetic Justice”


It’s mashup time.

Kanye West and Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Runaway Mashup”


This mashup will make you stop hating Kanye and Miley, either or both, so much.

Alabama Shakes “You Ain’t Alone”

In case you’re a weirdo who can’t appreciate a good mashup, here’s something everyone can enjoy. Listen to it as you board the mother ship.

Ashley Wright

Shakira “Rabiosa” ft. Pitbull

Who doesn’t love Shakira with a cute little bob? I can never take Pitbull seriously because he has a baby face.

Crazy Town “Butterfly”

This was happening earlier because I was reliving my teen years this morning. The frosted tips, ya’ll.

Alan Zilberman

Quilt “Tie Up the Tides”

Psychedelic pop and the charming, sweet vocals are a perfect tonic for the cold weather.

Colleen Green “You’re So Cool”

I love this kind of lo-fi punk, but I honestly can’t tell whether the simple lyrics are meant to be sincere or creepy.

Sea Lions “I Should Be Sleeping”

This sounds like a cross between The Smiths and surf-pop, so of course I can’t get enough of it.


Stephanie Breijo

Cat Stevens “Miles from Nowhere”

This morning I woke up and listened to this pretty loudly in my room, gaving nary a fuck that the sound might leak through my window and out into the ears of passerbys on the street.

Bob Seger “Night Moves”

Let’s petition to make this the new national anthem.

Black Sabbath “Paranoid”


Apparently I threw in the towel on ’70s easy listening at some point because somewhere I made a left turn at Classic Fucking Rock this afternoon and never looked back.