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Morgan Baskin

Radiohead “Fog”

The B-side track from ages ago you haven’t heard but definitely should.

Modest Mouse “Bankrupt on Selling”

Modest Mouse at their most stripped, pure, and best.

Sea Oleena “Milk”

The soundtrack to your daydreaming (or philosophical musing).

Megan Burns

The Casket Girls “Suddenly”

I’ve pretty much been listening to The Casket Girls nonstop the past couple of days because they’re AMAZING. This song is like if someone made a movie about angsty teenage horses running on a beach. (It would be cloudy, and their manes would look really nice in the breeze!)

MØ “Don’t Wanna Dance”


This track is SUPER GREAT. It’s really good for imagining yourself (multiplied) doing a choreographed dance in public. (You know, that thing where you clench your fists and you keep alternating which arm you lift up? Like that kind of dance.)

Diane Birch “Speak A Little Louder”

Apparently I’m really into the female vocalists this week, guys. I think if I were doing a choreographed dance to THIS song, it would look like me doing “The Shopping Cart,” but with an actual shopping cart at an actual grocery store with really bad fluorescent lights. (And I would be grabbing soup cans and almond butter jars and things like that.)

Svetlana Legetic

Yumi Zouma “The Brae”

It is Australia Day this Sunday so listen to New Zealand bands? This track is a super dreamy, shimmering bit of pop and should make you all sorts of excited for their debut EP which should be out February 11th, just in time for those Valentine’s day gift occasions.

Gems “Don’t Cry”

The only thing better on a freezing afternoon than a new GEMS single is a new GEMS single that IS ALSO A SEAL COVER. Yes.

Steven Place

Grandmilly “12AM”

New-ish visuals from the Rvdxr Klvn affiliate, Grandmilly, that has been stuck in my head. Bombay Knox brought him though DC a few times this summer and he always puts on a good show. Definitely check him out if he comes to the city again.

Acehood “Jamaica”

This is obviously the greatest track off Starvation 3. That is all.

Farrah Skeiky

The Joy Formidable “Little Blimp”

This is a really strong song to get you through the insufferable nature of working on a bright and beautiful Friday afternoon– not to mention the music video is great. I’m a sucker for clever use of a GoPro.

X-Ray Spex “Germ Free Adolescents” (Full Album)

I am of the strong opinion that saxophone has no place in modern music outside of jazz, unless you’re David Bowie or X-Ray Spex. Please don’t forget about this album.

Descendents “We”

As sappy as I’ll get around Valentine’s.

Brandon Weight

H(a)t(e) v(o)w(e)ls? Love house music? Get to know TCTS, if you don’t already. He dropped a mix for FADER earlier this week, in anticipation of a These Heights remix EP due out on January 27th. Download the full mix for free, and stream these gems from the setlist while you wait.
TCTS  “Over”
Quadron “Hey Love (Classixx Remix)”
Disclosure “F For You (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix)”