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Josh Phelps

BeeDeeGee “F.U.T.D. (Time of Waste)”

Brian Degraw of Gang Gang Dance recently released Sum/One on 4AD, a collection of tracks removed but not too far from his work in Gang Gang Dance. F.U.T.D. features Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip and emerges from a cesspool of distorted squeaks and animal noises into an absolute scuzzy banger. “All I Wanna Do Is Fuck Up The Day” is the mantra throughout – go out and start some shit this Friday the 13th.

Denise Sangster

Change “Paradise”

I know very little about Change other than that they were Italian, they provided Luther Vandross an opportunity cut his teeth, and their music produces the synesthestic experience of baby-powder-cut cocaine dripping down the back of your throat after you just railed it off a dude’s dick in a Paradise Garage bathroom in 1981. In other words – and as the song’s title indicates – paradise.

Brandon Wetherbee

Flosstradamus in DC

This is pretty neat, Chicago duo Flosstradamus will be streaming tonight’s 9:30 Club appearance on YouTube. Come back tonight.


It will probably sound like this.

Alana Wise

Billy Joel “Movin’ Out”

I hope working too hard won’t really give me a heart attack. I have not slept in I’ve lost track of how long and I just finished a paper on some boring-ass book for a boring-ass class, but I must say, it did turn out pretty legit.

MC Hammer “2 Legit 2 Quit”

Because school can suck on that… Until January when I’ll apologize and start all this crap again.

Alan Zilberman

Girls Names “Hypnotic Regression”

My love for a shameless 80s throwback knows no bounds.