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Kaylee Dugan

DJ NuMark feat. Large Professor “Where You Sleep”

Next week is finals week! So instead of sleeping I’m listening to this song, writing papers on censorship/spanish films, and dreaming of a day where I wont be checking blackboard 24/7. !!!!!!!~~~cOllEgE~~~!!!!!!!

Peter Heyneman

Childish Gambino “World Star” “3005”


The imminent Childish Gambino album ‘Because the Internet” (as rumored, recorded at Chris Bosh’s house) leaked over the weekend so the rapper/actor provideda streaming link to an iTunes site so that his “gam-headz” could hear it while supporting him. The record features songs about: OaklandWorld Star Hip Hop  (in reaction to being shot at in Atlanta), being The Worst, and Death (so much death).

Carrie Underwood “The Lonely Goatherd”


Meanwhile, as we all know, Carrie Underwood exploded in flames live on TV Thursday night while singing the Lonley Goatheard during NBCs Sound Of Music disaster/seance, so I’m rocking that jam too hoping I get famous. Have a great weaken!

Steven Place

Denzel Curry “Zone 3”

Bombay Knox brought Denzel to DC a few months and it was easily one of the best shows of the year. This is off his new project which is definitely worth a listen!

Katie Got Bandz “Y U MAD”

Katie’s last tape is called “Drillary Clinton,” which is obviously the best name ever. That is all.

Kali Uchis “Por Vida”

The DMV’s uncrowned queen is most certainly Kali Uchis. Every video/track she releases is cool as fuck.

Jenn Tisdale

R. Kelly “Ignition (Remix)”

This morning I discovered Benedict Cumberbatch reading aloud R. Kelly’s Genius which is obviously glorious and amazing. Because of that I’ve had Ignition in my head all day. All the toot toots and all the beep beeps. By the way R. Kelly, saying “I’m like so what I’m drunk,” is just a tad irresponsible. Clearly. You should care. People care.

Brandon Weight

Gent & Jawns “Turn Up Ye Merry Gentleman”

Christmas trap is now a thing. You’re now aware of it.

Alana Wise

Childish Gambino “Melrose”


I preordered his album (Dec. 10) hoping this track would be on it, and was a smidge disappointed when I didn’t see it. It’s a classic Childish track. Honest, brooding, beautiful. I gotta tell you, Donald, our children are gonna be great.

Janelle Monae “Q. U. E. E. N.” “Electric Lady”


Between the two of these songs, I feel like I’m superman on a speed bender. Like, the start of a speed bender before things start going downhill and Lois stages an intervention. As I venture into the weekend, the first half of my finals out of the way, I will blast this track into the sunset, forget all responsibilities and get all the way effing down.