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It’s nice outside. Go outside. Listen to these songs then go outside.


Annie “Ralph Maccio”

Cale had this on the Bentzen Ball pre-show mix all weekend and it somehow only gets catchier.

Pete Townshend “La La La Lies” as heard in the movie Ceremony

Everyone has been all about the new Wes Anderson movie, but while you wait for the Grand Budapest Hotel to drop, spend some time with this tiny, adorable, Anderson-lite film this weekend (available on Netflix, natch). In it a young, short, suspiciously mustachioed man embarks on a weekend trip to stop the wedding of a much older, much taller, definitely-out-of-his-league woman (Uma Thurman nails all the requirements for the role) to a much older, much taller, definitely-more-of-a-catch-but-also-kind-of-a-pompous-ass man than him (Lee Pace nails all the requirements for the role). This song, in this version (not the Who one) plays during a pivotal morning scene and it is near perfection.


BROODS “Bridges”

Hi, BROODS is like Lorde’s evil twin. And I will listen to this track on repeat forever.

José José “Una Mañana”


System of a Down “BYOB”

In the wake of that long-ass 2+ week shutdown, if you’re going to sing about disappointment in the guvment, lalala your little heart out.
Psychostick “BEER!!”
On the other hand, alls well that ends… At all? And it is the weekend. Drink responsibly, party recklessly.