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It’s raining in DC and we’re laughing at the Bentzen Ball so everything is wonderful!

Megan Burns

Brandy and Monica “The Boy Is Mine (Kulkid Remix)”

Even without a remix this track is tops, but Kulkid manages to elevate it THAT MUCH MORE! Super obsessed with this remix/I think I need to go watch some Moesha episodes now…

Rhye “The Fall (Bronx Night Dub)”

All about this one, d00dz. This is what you should listen to if you’re shoppin’ whilst poor. Somehow it justifies all purchases.

The Townhouses “Diaspora (Japanese Wallpaper Remix)”

Can’t explain why I love this one, but it makes me feel like thinking. So.

Brandon Wetherbee

Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel Live

While not technically a song, I’ve been pumping this all afternoon. Then I listen to the next song. Then back to this interview. Again. And again.


Kanye West “I Am A God”

He is still the best.

Nine Inch Nails “Dead Souls”

Remember The Crow? What a silly lil’ movie! So much rain! And anger and sadness! What a perfect cover to accompany a movie about a bird!

Alana Wise

Cold Mailmen “My Recurring Dream”

It’s cool and moody, just like the day.

Nikki Williams “Glowing”
Because I feel kinda bad for contributing to the gloom of the day.