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Welcome to your weekend, DJ’d by the two Brandons at BYT who are not twins and look nothing like Tia and Tamera.

Brandon (Wetherbee)

Metallica – “National Anthem”

Because people lose their hair.


Metallica – “One”

Because a double-kick drum.


Metallica – “That Was Just Your Life”


The first track on the most recent Metallica LP is actually pretty good. The pointless two-minute intro make this as funny as This Is Spinal Tap. Win-win.


Brandon (Weight)

Rilo Kiley – “A Town Called Luckey”

This track was re-released on their cleverly titled “RKives” b-side and rarity collection earlier this year, and was originally a b-side for “Portions for Foxes.” Few songs are actually epic. For Rilo Kiley, this one is.

But maybe not better than her singing in Foxfire.


Arctic Monkeys – “Hold On, We’re Going Home (Drake cover)”

I love Drake. (Way) more than the average person should. I love the Arctic Monkeys. Everyone loves the Arctic Monkeys. Thank god my girlfriend doesn’t hate me for the former, and actually sent me this song.


Grey Matter – “Take it Back”


Incredibly stoked for the Dischord-a-palooza coming to the Black Cat this weekend for their 20th Anniversary (which, in preparation of, us two Brandons actually covered).