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Get ready to roll out that vomit stained red carpet. Its the first day, the best day, of the weekend and you’re gonna need a soundtrack to chronicle all of this weekend mayhem. Luckily for us all, we’ve got some of the best music taste in the world to help you out. Pay it forward. Tell your friends.


  • Childish Gambino-“Centipede”

Childish Gambino, Batman’s 2-Face of rap, is at it again. The Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde nature of his lyrics is something that any self respecting millennial can relate to. On the one hand, we’re all just kids trying our best to make it-respecting each others respective hustles along the way, but on the opposite side of that very same hand, we will fuck you over without a second thought if it means even the slightest immediate gratification for ourselves. The 20-something conundrum.

  • Phoenix- “Trying to be Cool”

I have literally listened to this song 47 times in the last 48 hours. It manages to take me out of the realm of actively trying to be cool, and instead places me in  place where I am actually effortlessly suave and perfect. Yeah sure, I’m tripping over cordless phones and snorting sometimes when I laugh, but you should like me anyway.

  • Rudimental ft.. John Newman- “Feel The Love”

Lastly, Feel the Love. It’s just fun. Feel the love, share the love, just don’t share the love’s herpes.


  • The Flirts- “Passion”

The Flirts were a ridiculous new wave dance pop girl band creation of Bobby Orlando, the prolific and influential 80s Hi-NRG musician, producer, and record label owner. I think he basically just got different hot (“hot”) chicks and models to sing over his own creations with each album, and they had a couple of throwaway hits like Jukebox (Don’t Put Another Dime) off their aptly named debut 10¢ A Dance, plus You & Me and Oriental Boy a few years later. Of actual lasting quality though is the 12″ extended cut of Passion, with it’s gloriously catchy layered synth and bass lines and those goofy sultry vocals.  If you think it starts to sound familiar at about the half way mark, that’s cause Felix da Housecat sampled it for his electroclash hit with Miss Kittin, Silver Screen Shower Scene.  So you can have some nostalgia for this track no matter how old you are.  Also if you make it all the way to the (weirdo) end, you’ll catch Bobby O’s wink to his (recent) disco forefathers Instant Funk. Hotness!



  • Punch Brothers- “Rye Whiskey”

I just want to walk around a farm barefoot and drink whiskey. Basically like a homeless person but not because I’ll be on a farm so it’s ok.

Brandon Weatherbee:

  • TV on the Radio- “Mercy”

Thank god this is good! Hooray, it’s good! It’s not shitty! I can still like TV on the Radio!

  • Toots & The Maytals – “Sweet & Dandy”

Because it makes everything better.

  • The Strokes – “Soma”

This track popped up on shuffle so I listened to the rest of “Is This It?” and it’s aged remarkably well. It’s no “Asian Girl,” but still.

Megan Burns:

  • The Shapeshifters – “Lola’s Theme”

Hi, I’ve been on a massive self-improvement kick the last six weeks or so, and as an obvious result, “Lola’s Theme” has pretty much been my nonstop theme song for over a month. It makes me feel like standing in a wind tunnel with my hands on my hips. (You know, power-posing. And I would probably be wearing really cool boots in that scenario, too.)

  • Germans – “Cruel”

This one is good for days when I am moving in slow-motion, which happens sometimes in New York because the gravitational pull is different here. (I read that somewhere, I just can’t remember right now.) It is “moody disco pop” which you can also sometimes refer to as “Donna Bummer”, but only if you want to. (Hey did you guys hear about how Taraka Larson got eaten by raccoons in Central Park while listening to Donna Summer? She did.)

  • Ramin Djawadi – “Mother of Dragons”

I listen to the Game of Thrones theme song like ALL THE TIME, and I have recently also been listening to “Mother of Dragons” on repeat, but only from 2:05-2:25, because that is the most badass part of the song, and when you hear something so badass, you feel badass by osmosis.