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Ready for tomorrow’s D.C. Emerging Artists Super Sampler? WE ARE TOO, though of course there’s no harm in getting even more pumped to see some of the best new acts to come out of the DMV.  You can see these guys tomorrow (we’ll see you there) but we wanted to get to know what they’ve been into lately. We asked our new favorite bands some of their new favorite music for a very special edition of “It’s Friday, What Tunes Are You Bumpin’?” Read/listen ahead for some seriously incredible picks…



  • Pop Etc. (formally “The Morning Benders”) – “Mason Jar”
    The composition and harmonies are amazing. The entire song is flawless! Top 3 favorite artist.

  • Citizen Cope – “One Lovely Day”
    Probably my favorite artist. Actually, I think definitely my favorite artist. The music is sublime and he writes like Bob Dylan. Self explanatory.
  • Local Natives – “Who Knows Who Cares”
    The music is crazy. It’s different but moves me like the rest of the artist! Not all exactly new but it’s in my regular rotation.

Kid Named Breezy

  • Wreckx-N-Effects – “Rump Shaker”
    That record is definetely my anthem for the summer! Love me some summer time rumpshaking!!

  • Outkast – “Elevators”
    I have really been in tune with Outkast sonically. I just believe this record was the epitome of them.
  • Curtis Mayfield – “From the Other Side of Town”
    Curtis mayfield was an amazing artist. People use his samples so many times but the people that hear it don’t know the origin. I’m a student.

Shark Week

  • Rahul Dev Burman – “Dance Music (I)”
    This is what we’re kickin’ back to.

Locke Kaushal

  • Pusha T – “Blocka”
    I’ve always been a fan of the Clipse, especially being from VA myself, Pusha T is one of my favorite rappers. First time I saw this video I ran it back like 15 times! One of my favorites off of his recent mixtape.
  • Lil Wayne – “Love Me”
    DJs can never go wrong with playing this in the club. Everytime I hear this track it makes me want to grab a bottle of Ciroc and a bad chick and head straight to the dance floor.
  • Chris Barz – “Touch The Sky”
    Barz is a close friend of mine, and he always has made dope music. When I first heard this song I immediately knew it was a banger… and I haven’t stopped listening to it since.


Black Hills

  • Daft Punk – “Voyager”
    Recently I thought of a specific synth sound, couldn’t get it out of my head. I knew it was from a Daft Punk song, so naturally I had to go back and listen through their catalog. It felt similar to rewatching a season of your favorite TV drama in giddy preparation for the next season’s premier episode. So pretty much me and “Game of Thrones.”
    The sound starts here at 2:17.

  • James Blake – “The Wilhelm Scream”
    Remember this?

    It made me think the James Blake song would be funnier. Why is the song called “The Wilhelm Scream”? It doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t hear the song until a month ago. Such a beautiful and sad sentiment; it just completely sucks you in. And the vocal performance is perfect.
  • Desire – “Under Your Spell”
    Over the past year I’ve listened to this song countless times; probably 10x that of the 2nd placer.
  • Blake Shelton – “Boys Round Here”
    (***Special Bonus Song***)
    Is this electro/country?

Drop Electric‘s Kristina Reznikov

  • El Guincho – “Bombay”
    I keep coming back to this track for a weekend pick-me-up; kind of sounds like a Spanish Animal Collective. The video is definitely interesting.

  • Kampec Dolores – “Yuruyorum”
    Kampec Dolores is a transporting Hungarian band with a really refreshing blend of East and West influences. I’ve been listening to them all the time. Gabi Kenderesi’s voice is so cool.

  • Supreme Cuts – “Lessons of Darkness (Apology)”
    Something about this track really hits me. I think it is so beautiful and I can’t stop playing it.

The Static‘s Joe

  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Ten Thousand Hours”
    This whole album blew me away but this song just hits a certain nerve with anyone who has been part of this glorious struggle called the music industry. Plus I love me some Malcolm Gladwell.
  • Foxy Shazam “Unstoppable”
    Actually an older song, but totally pumps my nads! We played with Foxy 5 or 6 years ago at a tiny spot in Harrisonburg and it’s awesome to see them killing it now. Amazing video concept as well!
  • Marina & The Diamonds – “Lies”
    She will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine.



On April 6th, 2013 @ 8pm
BYT & The Hamilton Present:
The DC Emerging Artists Super Sampler
Vol 1

Tickets on sale now:

BYT & The Hamilton Present The DC Emerging Artists Super Sampler Vol 1

So, inspired by our 25 DMV ARTISTS TO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR IN 2013 Feature, we decided to get a bunch of our favorite local acts to play a few of their best songs at one big massive show.  Sort of like a non-sucky battle of the bands where everybody wins.  Doing it at a swanky place like The Hamilton felt right.

The Hamilton Live
600 14th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20005

Get your local love fest on with:

Beyond ModernShark WeekReesa ReneeUno HypeBlack HillsRa The MCTS_withLogoKid Named BreezyTrackDrop Electricsamplerlockekaushal500x200Incwell
DJ Steven Faith

No, really, that’s:

Beyond Modern
Shark Week
Reesa Renee
Uno Hype
Black Hills
Ra The MC
The Static
Kid Named Breezy
Locke Kaushal
Drop Electric
DJ Steven Faith

That’s like $240 worth of live music for only $20
On sale now at:

Or $22 if you wait until the day of.

But we expect to sell out before then.

I mean, look how much fun we had last time:

PS. This is an all ages event!


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