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by Phil Runco, Dana Bleiberg, Stephanie Breijo

Phil’s (Amazingly Well Done) Pick:

  • Foals – “My Number”

17 year old Phil: Did you listen to the mix I sent you?

Present Day Phil: You’ve literally asked me that six times now.

17 year old Phil: Oh.  It’s totally cool if you haven’t listened to it.  I know you’re busy. And it’s just a stupid mix.  It only took me a few hours to put together, once I had the theme figured out.  I just thought you might-

Present Day Phil:  Oh my God, I haven’t grown up.

17 year old Phil: What?

Present Day Phil: Nothing.


17 year old Phil:  So, how great is the Foals song on there?!?

Present Day Phil: You like “My Number” too?

17 year old Phil: Like it?  I can’t get enough of it!  NME’s review was spot-on.

Present Day Phil: You need to stop reading NME.  Trust me on this one.

17 year old Phil: It is by far the best track on Holy Fire, which says something, because that album is amazing.

Present Day Phil: It is actually a surprisingly good record.  I wasn’t expecting that.

17 year old Phil:  Good?!?  The album is fucking epic!  Just get a load of the title: Holy Fire. So cool.  And check out that record cover!  Would you like a painting of a primitive island society riding horses in the ocean?  Yes, please.  Top that, Coldplay.

Present Day Phil: You shouldn’t call things “primitive.”  It suggests a unilineal theory of cultural evolution that’s –

17 year old Phil: Huh?

Present Day Phil: Never mind.

17 year old Phil: Anyway, if this album doesn’t win the Mercury Music Prize, I am going to be so pissed.

Present Day Phil: I mean, the Mercury Music Prize doesn’t really matter.

17 year old Phil:  Heresy!!!

Present Day Phil: I’m sure it’s nice to win one, but, I mean, it doesn’t –

17 year old Phil: Why do you keep saying “I mean”?

Present Day Phil: Sorry, it’s a bad habit. You’ll pick it up later.

17 year old Phil: Cool.  Ok, but we’re in agreement that “My Number” is amazing, right?

Present Day Phil: Oddly enough, yes, we see eye-to=eye on this one.  I think.  We need glasses.

17 year old Phil:  Bummer.

Present Day Phil: Yeah, go ahead and stop bragging about that 20/20 vision now.


17 year old Phil: One more thing, Phil?

Present Day Phil: Go ahead.

17 year old Phil:  Is it cool for me to be cursing on the Internet like this?

Present Day Phil: I think so?

17 year old Phil: Fucking sweet.

Stephanie’s picks:

  • Caveman – “Over My Head”
    Somehow–and I know I’m the eight-thousandth person to say it but fuck it–we’ve skipped spring and, even more miraculously, today began with rain and wound up with sunshine so I figured I’d kick off a great song for both rainy-day introspection and sunny-day lazin’. This gorgeous, dripping tune comes straight off their new self-titled and I can’t get enough.
  • Kurt Vile – “Never Run Away”
    I love this song. Vile’s whole new album is solid, but there’s something about this track that feels both familiar and so refreshing. It’s perfect. (And yes, everyone else is pretty into this song and also this video but, you know, here it is anyway). The album version’s great but not on youtube or soundcloud yet, soooooooooo this:
  • Black Lips – “Dirty Hands”
    An oldie but a goodie. Revisit, love, sing along, feel like it’s 1967. Rinse, wash, repeat.
  • SNAP! – “Rhythm is a Dancer”
    (I tried but couldn’t resist. I’m sorry.)



Dana’s Picks:

  • Steel Train – “Bullet”
    With the warm weather all I want to do is listen to upbeat songs that remind me of summer road trips. Here is one by my absolute favorite band Steel Train. Bonus – the video just makes you want to goof off all day and then go see a local show.
  • The Swellers – “The Best I Ever Had”
    This song is about two years old but again, the impending summer just makes me want to listen to pop punk and pretend I am 17 with nothing better to do than drive to Philly, or New York, or Virginia Beach only to have my car break down and leave me stranded.
  • Langhorne Slim – “Cinderella”
    Just try to listen to Cinderella by Langhorne Slim without dancing. Plus this video was filmed at Rock & Roll Hotel. Now stop reading and go outside, people!