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The weekend is almost here, so suckle on these sweet tunes before you clock out for your well deserved (or maybe not, you lazy, incompetent fuck) time off.


  • Solange – “Don’t Let Me Down”
    This was going to be a Pump me Up themed Friday Tunes, but after seeing Solange last night, everything else seems pretty secondary. Between this, Crush, T.O.N.Y., and Lovers in the Parking Lot,” I’m still pretty wrapped up in it– but more on that next week. This song, especially live, strikes a balance between warm and inviting, and demanding you dance. And honestly, after seeing Solange break it down and drop it to the floor, it would be pretty rude not to oblige her.
  • The Dears – “Lost In The Plot”
    The weather in DC this week is simultaneously dreary and vengeful. Dreary, lethargy-inducing skies, and, well, “blustery” is a much too pleasant word to describe how windy it’s been. So it makes sense that The Dears are frequenting my speakers this week. They embody this weather and make you feel guilty for listening to anything else.
  • Jenny Lewis – “The Next Messiah”
    I fell in love with this album all over again a couple weeks ago, shortly before it was announced that Jenny Lewis would be joining the Postal Service on their upcoming tour. And just like anyone else that loves this album, I adore the transitions in this song most of all.


  • Rilo Kiley – “Let Me Back In”
    Apparently Jenny Lewis is the name of the game this week, though this pick stems from her original group, Rilo Kiley. Whenever a band reunites or just plain tours under a B-Sides CD, I’m a little wary. Enter the first release from their rareties and b-sides album, “Let Me Back In,” which quickly eased my concerns. It’s a nostalgic ode to Los Angeles, which I’m partial to because, well, that’s where I grew up. I’ve got a soft spot for this tune, though it’s got a lot going for it aside from geographic pride. There are claps over simple acoustic picking and of course it’s got Jenny Lewis, patron saint of melancholic girls everywhere. Let it do a number on your soul:

  • Kendrick Lamar – “Rigamortis”
    The fact that festival line-ups are getting released left and right and Kendrick is playing both SweetLife and Bonnaroo makes me feel a need to hit up both festivals more than ever. (Never you mind that one is all the way in Tennessee. Totally worth it.) Truth be told, I’ve never seen him live but he’s been on my bucket list for roughly a year so this is obviously exciting news, and it’s obviously a reason to fall back in love with my favorite of his songs. (And truth be told, if I’m running late to an appointment with any of my friends where I’m coming straight from my house, there’s an 80% chance it isn’t the traffic; it’s that I’m not done dancing around my room to this song. Sorry I lied to you.)



  •  Klaxons – “No Diggity” (Cover)
    This week, god knows why, I decided to watch “Pitch Perfect” with one of my girlfriends. It was a tizzy of a cappella bitchiness, and I unfortunately loved it. My favorite song of the movie was when they decided to sing an a capella version of “No Diggity” by Blackstreet, which reminded me of this Klaxons version, which I love.

  • Make The Trap Wile Out – “Dirty South Dance 2”
    DID YOU KNOW THAT DAVE1 CHROMEO AND A-TRAK ARE BROTHERS? Like, not just “bros.” They’re actually siblings! Their mother must have spiked their juice with Daft’s Punk’s unicorn blood or something when they were growing up. Anyway, this song enforces my surprise and disbelief at learning this fact yesterday—a most excellent remix from A-Trak’s hip-hop-heavy days.
  • 2 Chainz – “Birthday Song”
    This video seems strangely muted and melancholic to me. But honestly, who wouldn’t want some big booty hoes for their birthday. Who needs cake?