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The weekend is almost here, so suckle on these sweet tunes before you clock out for your well deserved (or maybe not, you lazy, incompetent fuck) time off.



  • HAIM – “Falling”
    This week I’ve been listening to HAIM’s “Falling” on repeat, because it’s awesome.

    But do you know what makes it even better? Is listening to it while watching this clip on mute. I’m serious. It’s mind-blowing. I can’t handle it. Do it.
  • Octo Octa – “I’m Trying,” “Deep Hurt”
    I’ve also been super Octo Octa obsessed, because #NYFW or something. Don’t you just want to prance around, like, the Gap in 1997 to this shit? ‘CAUSE I DEFINITELY DO.

  • Dauwd – “And”
    And last but certainly not least, we’ve got Dauwd – “And” on repeat over here. (You pretty much can’t go wrong with Dauwd in the first place, but this one just happens to be on heavy rotation at the moment.)



  • Bleeding Rainbow – “Drift Away”
    I sadly missed Bleeding Rainbow play this past Wednesday at DC9. Here’s a personal favorite from their latest Yeah Right LP.
  • Foxygen – “No Destruction”
    LA duo Foxygen recently released their highly anticipated sophmore LP We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic and it’s fantastic. Be sure to catch these guys as when they head into town on February 27 at Rock N Roll with Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
  • The Traditional Fools – “Get Off My Back”
    Ty Segall has released more material in the last 6 months than My Bloody Valentine has in 22 years.


Marie, with The soundtrack to your Friday afternoon existentialist musings:

  • Baths – “♥”
    Bare piano solo + slow snappy beat that catches in your ear + unobtrusive vocals = Baths song, ♥ = Soundtrack to someone swimming from the bottom of a dark lake up to the surface.
  • Lowercase Noises – “Passage”
    Tiptoeing on the postmodern rock front, this one kindly yields to its more prominent xylophone and banjo parts, building a layer cake of sounds: country picking, chill electronic and above all resonant low-toned guitar. Soundtrack to lying in the woods watching the Earth spin among stars.
  • James Blake – “Retrograde”
    Before you ask, James Blake is still not taking requests for “having his babies.” Instead, you’ll have to listen to this echoed, r&b influenced track, wherein Blake uses careful, honest singing to keep you listening for it over the siren-like synths. Soundtrack to a winter walk when suddenly laser beams shoot from your eyes and you burn a line in the snow.