It’s Friday, What Tunes Are You Bumpin’?
BYT at large | Jan 25, 2013 | 4:35PM |

READY FOR THAT WEEKEND? We’ve got the best jamz to ease you into those future glory days… 


Stephanie Breijo

  • Say Hi (To Your Mom) – “I’m So Tired” (cover)
    Last night may or may not have been a bit of a rager, so today may or may not have been spent curled up in a ball on my couch for the first few hours of the morning. There’s something about this cover that manages to drag in a completely unique and different way from the original (though obviously The Beatles did a great job too) and it seemed to slink and lo-fi its way to becoming my anthem for the day. Perfect for sleepily never wanting to leave the house ever again. (Note: this band used to be called “Say Hi To Your Mom” – brilliant– and in the last couple years they’ve changed their name to “Say Hi” and I really just cannot support that switch.)
  • The National – “Middle City”
    It’s freezing outside. Literally freezing. But it’s also beautiful and snowy and gentle and clean and there is no better band to listen to in the winter–IMHO–than The National. I love to put on songs like “City Middle” or “Ada” when I’m driving in the rain or snow and stare out windows. Sure, it sounds emo, but it’s so incredibly calming. Somehow it always does the trick to match the mood of this season.
  • Elliott Smith – “Angel in the Snow”
    Fitting for a snow day and perfectly calming. It’s also one of my favorite tracks of Smith’s posthumous New Moon collection of unfinished tunes and B-sides.
  • Say Hi (To Your Mom) – “A Hit in Sweden”
    Well now that I’ve got us all slitting our wrists (sorry, guys) I figure I should take it back up a notch (for those who prefer to not be dreary on dreary days). Here’s a great one from that first band Say Hi To Your Mom. Cheer up, buttercups.



Jeb Gavin

  • Thin Lizzy – “Do Anything You Want To”
    How Friday should feel.
  • The Who – “Eminence Front”
    How Friday feels when you’re waiting for snow which could cripple the area this weekend.  Supposedly Roger Daltrey hated this song, and you can sorta hear why; it’s just Pete Townsend working out his own paranoia in everyone else’s head, which I suppose is what everyone hopes they can do with paranoia: convince others it’s justified.
  • James Brown – “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” Live ’71
    To paraphrase Kyle Kinane: between this and a spicy mayonnaise, we’re not going to solve racism, but we can shave off some of the sharp edges.



May Wildman

  • Jessie Ware – “Sweet Talk”
    Step aside, Adele; Jessie Ware is here. This chick out of the UK has a classic voice that goes surprisingly well with the stark, electronic simplicity of her songs. Her songs are usually a little heartbroken, the way I like em—but not enough to be whiney.
  • Bruno Mars – “Locked Out of Heaven,” The M Machine Remix
    Bruno Mars’s horrible song has been clogging up the radio waves for the past couple of weeks. It was high time that somebody cut that shit up and pieced it back together properly. The song has transformed from lame pop song to electrofied drum ‘n’ bass-y goodness.
  • Jens Lekman – “I Know What Love Isn’t”
    If I had to compare Sweden’s Jens Lekman another band, it would probably be Belle and Sebastian. Each song is more like a story than a poem. And this story is a funny one, at that! He describes going to shows as follows: “It’s always packed with men spooning their girlfriends/ Clutching their hands as if they let go/ Their feet would lift from the ground and ascend.” Totally how I feel every time I go to the Black Cat.