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READY FOR THAT WEEKEND? We’ve got the best jamz to ease you into those future glory days… 


  • Parquet Courts – “Stoned and Starving”
    Brooklyn post-punk four-piece, Parquet Courts have gained quite a bit of momentum since their debut release of Light Up Gold. The group has received some serious attention from the likes of Spin and Pitchfork among others. They played at The Rocketship this past Wednesday in DC and from what I heard, they have lived up to the hype. Here’s a favorite of mine from the album.
  • Foxygen – “Shuggie”
    After their debut release of Take the Kids Off Broadway in July 2012, Foxygen is set to release their follow-up album, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic on January 22. This California duo released their first single off their sophomore LP titled “Shuggie” in October 2012. Think of “Shuggie” as of Montreal meets Brian Jonestown Massacre. It’s not surprising that Foxygen opened for Kevin Barnes and company on their most recent tour. 2013 is going to be a big year for these guys — keep them on your radar!
  • Deap Vally – “Gonna Make My Own Money”
    LA-based garage/punk-rock duo, Deap Vally consists of Lindsey Troy (guitar, vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums). Deap Vally is currently on tour in the UK, gaining a lot of exposure as openers for big acts such as The Vaccines and Muse. While no official date on their debut album has been set, look out for  it in 2013. Here is the band’s debut single, “Gonna Make My Own Money.”
  • Fuzz – “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream” (Ty Segall & Charles Moothart side project)
    Ty Segall is the king of music. He loves to rock. I love his music. Here is more music by Ty Segall and his friend Charles Moothart.




  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Swim and Sleep”
    You’ll want to listen to this more than once. This is cut from the cloth of the gentle 00’s indie pop (ala Shins, Rogue Wave). Its repetitive, near-nonsensical gauzy vocals are comforting and I like its wandering, sunny guitar lines. Plus, the lyrics are built around a factoid about sharks. Sharks!
  • Sun Glitters – “Tight”
    Memorizing in a pulsing, glittery way, this perfectly packaged electronic track has the right amount of tinkling piano, cut-up organ samples, otherworldly vocal samples and ambient noise to nudge you out of the open door of the small airplane you were riding at 13,000 feet (your work) into the sky (your weekend) with a working parachute (enough drama and bassy sounds to keep you interested).
  • Admiral Fallow – “Isn’t This World Enough”
    Isn’t This World Enough” is a catchy, thumping tune with more folk than Mumford and Sons, but with fewer traditional lyrics than your typical itinerant minstrel. It satisfies both the need for a folk song and the need for a direction to stop worrying: “You’re searching for answers in clouds and under rocks / isn’t this world enough?” Carpe diem, bitches.




  • David Bowie – “Kooks”
    After anticipating pretty much everything imaginable that’s yet to come in 2013, David Bowie gave us the greatest gift of all: news of a new album, and a new single. And really, at the end of a dreary week in which most of DC has fallen severely immunodeficient, all I really want is for David Bowie to be singing this to me while I sit amongst piles of empty gatorade bottles and halls breezers wrappers.
  • Bat For Lashes – “What’s A Girl To Do”
    Yesterday, I listened to Bat for Lashes for the very first time, naturally starting with Fur and Gold. Obviously this was long overdue, and obviously I’ve fallen head over heels. I’m not sure if I’m emotionally prepared to listen to The Haunted Man this weekend.
  • Panda Riot – “Black Pyramids”
    Believe it or not, this has been the brightest spot in a dreary music week. A phenomenal, twinkling shoegaze gem that makes you want to spin in circles in your room, enveloped in this sound. And they’ve got a great name to boot. The new EP comes out next month, but this featured single is certainly solid enough to hold us over until then.



As a reflection of the current flu outbreak here’s a very special illness-themed ‘It’s Friday What Tunes Are You Bumpin’?” list.

  • Ben Lee – “Catch My Disease”
    Fun fact: you could not go anywhere in Australia in the summer of 2005 without hearing this song from Ben Lee (perhaps most famous in the States for collaborating with Ben Kweller and Ben Folds as, what else, “The Bens”). It was the “Call Me Maybe” of the Land Down Under that year. Let the high-pitched twee of the glockenspiel distract you from your or your loved one’s vomiting. Its buoyant spirit will have you out of your fever-sweat soaked bed in no time.
  • Richard Cheese – “Down with the Sickness” (NSFW lyrics)
    Because even though you’re sick you can still stay classy, and nothing classes up anything like the smooth crooning of a lounge singer (covering a crappy metal song). Amirite ladies? Ladies?
  • Van Morrison – “T.B. Sheets”
    For when you’re waiting for the Nyquil to kick in and knock your congested ass out.
  • Japandroids – “Night of Wine and Roses”
    Because pretty soon you’re going to be over this thing and ready to run through a brick wall to catch up on all the fun and time you’ve missed. Especially after taking an Alka-Seltzter Plus Daytime, those things are like wonder drugs.