It’s Friday, What Tunes Are You Bumpin’?
BYT at large | Dec 7, 2012 | 4:30PM |

 All words: Robert Winship, Farrah Skeiky, Travis Andrews, Philip Runco

Robert’s picks:

  • Father John Misty – “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” 
Tillman really broke out of side-project semi-obscurity with this expert album. I can’t help but think of it as a proper follow-up to Helplessness Blues.
  • JJ – “Times”
High Summer gently slipped under the trampling of feet toward next big thing. So while you’re trying to place the new Beach House record on your top ten, give a listen to “Times” and find a friend in these minimalist Swedes.
  • Spacemen 3 – “I Want You Right Now”
The pre-Spiritualized output of Jason Pierce (and Peter Kember) is more influential than most people understand. They’re distinctly English and outright mind-blowing as they can be rightly crowned as the missing link between 70s psychedelia and 90s shoegaze.

 Travis’s picks:

  • The Men – “Turn it Around”
Because utter misogyny is cool when it’s sneered angrily over really slick guitars. Right? I don’t think I understand “progressive.”
  • RUN-DMC – “Christmas in Hollis”
Stephanie, asking me to describe why I’m listening to this song on repeat today, 18 days before Christmas, is like asking an alcoholic why he needs another. Come on, boss.
  • Big Boi w/ Andrew 3000 and Raekwon – “Royal Flush”
Again, not sure why I have to explain. Did you see the three rappers listed there? If you need further explanation, you don’t deserve the track.

Farrah’s picks:

  • Icky Blossoms – “I Am”

I am in love with this band. They opened for the Faint on wednesday and thoroughly impressed the entire room. They’ve brought life back to dark-wave through the bouncing, almost youthful energy that appears on even their most maudlin songs. They’re my ones to watch in 2013.

  • Still Corners – “Fireflies”

One of my favorite singles of the year. A lot of people say that this doesn’t sound like Still Corners, or that it at least lacks the basic personality that graces their music, but I completely disagree. It’s a magnificent experiment and I hope it continues throughout material released in the new year.

  • Ceremony – “Everything Burns”

This is a track off Ceremony’s split with Titus Andronicus, and I’m hoping it means that there will be more new music from the LA band in the new year. After seeing them multiple times this year, I can confirm that they put on the best live show of any punk band I’ve seen in 2012.

Phil’s picks:


Most of FIDLAR’s forthcoming debut finds the band operating in scuzzy Nuggets territory.  It’s a good look for them.  In fact, they may do it better than anyone has since the Black Lips’ Good Bad Not Evil.  But album castoff “AWWWKWAARRRDD” knocks it out of the park in a way that none of the LP’s songs do.  It’s sweet and creepy and the mantra of “I’ll probably end up fucking up and make it super awkward” worms its way into your head.  It also reminds me a little of Wheatus.  I love it.

  • Saturday Looks Good to Me – “Sunglasses”

I sat down with Saturday Looks Good to Me mastermind Fred Thomas a few years ago for BYT and asked about people’s reactions to his more experimental project, City Center. He said, “[I]t’s mostly people who are like, ‘You know, I was in college in 2005. I liked your band, but I’m kind of over it and this is different. ’”  The dude could not have sounded less interested in reviving SLGTM. He seemed to write off that band as underdeveloped, maybe a bit naive.  But, here we are in 2012, with a SLGTM full-length coming in the next few months.  Listening to advance single “Sunglasses”, you can hear how he’s managed to reconcile that opinion with the continuation of SLGTM.  The song is just as melodic and sweeping as you would hope, steeped in the Phil Spectar-isms and watery guitar lines that SLGTM made it’s name on, but there are subtle things that pop up and tarnish the perfection: smudges of synth and a stuttering drum machine, for starters.  It’s an intriguing peak into where the LP may go.

  • Surahn – “Watching the World”

After a fall of mostly lukewarm offerings –  Sinkane and Crystal Ark, how you broke my heart! – DFA Records gets it right with this luxurious slab of sunset disco.