It’s Friday, What Tunes Are You Bumpin’?
BYT at large | Nov 30, 2012 | 4:58PM |

 All words: Kerri Pinchuk, Courtney Pitman, Daniela Toleva, & Dan Singer

Kerri’s picks:

  • Throw Me the Statue – “Lolita” 
Doubt this is the official video for the song, but I’m liking the upbeat bar mitzvah video montage feel.
  • Marco Benevento ft Kalmia Traver –  “Limbs of a Pine” 
I naively thought that seeing Benevento perform this live would tame my obsession with it, but in fact I’ve been waking up with the song stuck in my head going on about four weeks now.
  • Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – “White Rabbit”
In anticipation of their FOUR-NIGHT run at 9:30 Club this weekend, I’ve been keeping her on repeat. Tell me you don’t get the chills from this video of GP doing Grace Slick better than Grace Slick.

Courtney’s picks:

  • American Royalty- Blood Keys 

These guys serve up an infectious blend of psychedelic funk rock with an electronic edge; enjoy painter Jeff Scher’s works arranged to the song and brace yourself for a grimy beat drop that makes Guetta look yet softer.

  • Lucius- Turn It Around

The Lucius ladies opened for Milo Greene at Rock and Roll Hotel last month, and returned again last night to open for Pearl and the Beard (BYT ran a great interview with them yesterday). They were magical in both instances.

  • Rihanna feat. Kanye West- Diamonds (Remix)

Kanye. Kills. This.

 Daniela’s picks:

  • Selena Gomez – I Love You Like a Love Song
Ever since Justin and Selena broke up, I cannot stop listening to this. I am constantly wondering whether she still loves him like a love song or if it’s over for good. Also, the mariachi band in the video is kind of cool.
  • Usher – Scream
I am going to Miami so I’ve been catching up on my top 40 radio. Is this one a party song? Very catchy, I hope I get to pop some bottles to it.
  • Benoit & Sergio – Lipstick & Lace 
On a more serious note, I love the new Benoit & Sergio EP, especially this track. I love everything about it – the baseline, the raw sound, the vocals, the lyrics. So ready to dance to it in a dark warehouse (RIP Loft!)
  • Maceo Plex – Vibe Your Love
Oldie but goodie. Heard this at brunch recently and was reminded of everything great that came out on Crosstown Rebels last year. I like that this track is so chill, so good for daytime, but still has some awesome basslines.
  • Moullinex – Take My Pain Away 
I just like watching this video at work. Oh and who doesn’t like 80s synths?

Dan’s picks:

  • “Send Me On My Way/Encore”-Jay-Z & Rusted Root
Jay-Z’s decision to release an a cappella version of The Black Album in 2003 continues to spawn unnecessarily wonderful mash-ups for the collective enjoyment of the Innernette. Here’s a little-known YouTube gem in which Jay goes up against that song from the end of Matilda.
  • “This Girl”-Punch Brothers
One of my favorite songs of the year, “This Girl” finds Chris Thile’s Punch Brothers in top form. Thile was recently awarded a MacArthur Genius Grant of $500,000, and songs like this one prove that he’s got some songwriting chops in addition to his undeniable mandolin badassery.
  • “I’m The Baby”-Baby Sinclair of Dinosaurs
The allegations that caused Elmo voice actor Kevin Clash to resign may have rattled our moral cores, but I was personally disheartened after realizing that Clash also voiced Baby Sinclair from the ’90s series Dinosaurs. Nevertheless, this song is a good pick-me-up, even in the darkest of times. He’s the baby, how can you not love him?