It’s Friday, What Tunes Are You Bumpin’?
BYT at large | Nov 9, 2012 | 4:00PM |

All picks: Kara Capelli, Sean Gray, Robert Winship, Shona Fenner, and John Foster


In excited anticipation for Macklemore’s sold out arrival to the 930 club next week, watch this video from his 2012 release The Heist, which has topped the charts and itunes and received much deserved rave reviews. Since you’ve almost surely already seen it (20 times), let’s take it old school for this pick. From The VS. EP, here’s Otherside. Oh sure, it’s a bit depressing. But so much of Macklemore’s charm is his dedication to story telling. Nothing is sugarcoated or otherwise obscured. He’s a story teller and and in so many ways, a mouth piece for an entire generation.

In keeping with the theme of older-ish songs from awesome artists with sold out 930 Club shows next week, how about this one from Yeasayer: Madder Red. Expect lots of pretty lights at the show! And can someone explain the video to me?

And for funsies because it’s Friday (GET PUMPED). TNGHT – Higher Ground


No Power – No Axis – Yeah, yeah I know they’re are a ton of D-beat bands waving their butt flap flags. I mean at this point Maximum Rock n Roll should just be called Maximum D-Beat n Japanese bands. Really though, No Power does it pretty well, and is a bit less D-Beat/Noise and more of a Midwest hardcore vibe. These dudes are from North Carolina, home of some really good BBQ, thankfully there’s no sauce here.

Vatican Shadow – Prime Minister Defiant As Pakistan Outs CIA Agent – Dominick Fernow , mostly know for his Prurient stuff has been doing this Vatican Shadow for over a year now. Not only has VS released stuff on his own label Hospital Productions, he’s also released a few EPs on Modern Love (yes, the same label that put out the newest Andy Stott that people are dorking out about) and Blackest Ever Black This minimal electronic/techno/synth stuff sounds like The Crow score soundtrack meets music from the Nintendo 64 classic “Goldeneye 007,” which rules. I like this way better than that Prurient Nine Inch Nails tribute album he released last year. Though I gotta say the Middle East military stuff would have been a cooler gimmick if he did this stuff say 3-5 years ago. Either way VS is pretty great, though keeping with the noise nerds/record nerd culture, the newest release is a compilation of sorts and it cost $50.00 for a 3xLP, how else is he gonna afford that authentic military garb?

Bad News – Bath Salts (click to open track in a new tab) – Pretty much from the start I’m into this. Surely if you are going to name drop Skinny Puppy, you better be awesome, or at the very least a hilarious band. Luckily Bad News is pretty awesome, and their new cassette on Chondritic Sound is worth every penny. The track “Bath Salts” does totally sound like something pulled from the Swans playbook, but not only do they do it well, it’s the vocals of 16 Bitch Pile Up (RIP) member Sarah Bemat that really makes this song/band exciting.


“King of Kings” – The Evens (click to listen in a new window) – So glad to have Ian and Amy on deck with a new release. Stripped of everything but the most direct guitar and drums, they’re working as tightly and powerfully as ever.

“The Decline of English Murder” – Alan Moore
Yes, THAT Alan Moore, sounding very much like an affected Leonard Cohen and delivering a sweet-starting, bitter-ending track. It’s what you might figure Pale Horse sounded like.

“First It Giveth” – Queens of the Stone Age
Queens of the Stone Age have not released an album in the last five years, so the recent announcement that Dave Grohl will play drums on their new record is a double-shot of hype. Can we count on a return to thundering greatness of Songs for the Deaf?


Dan Croll – “From Nowhere” – Sometimes I make a playlist for a cute girl and it begins with this song. Nuff said.

Lali Puna – “Faking the Books” – A good song to make your life feel interesting enough for a soundtrack.

Fidlar – “Cheap Beer” – Punk kids really know how to get a point across.


Opossom “Girl” – I may be a little biased, but everyone in the room at DC9 will tell you this was one of the best shows they saw all year. Insanely great band. This has been on my stereo all summer long and now it keeps me warm at night. Super sunshine jam! These guys also just won the big NZ Music Award for best alternative album beating out Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Ladyhawke. Killer video to boot! Get on the train now.

Twerps “Work It Out” – One of the most consistent records spinning over here all year was the Twerps LP, and now they have returned with a wonderful new breezy jangletastic single (and fun DC show.) These guys just make me smile. Always.

Big Youth – It’s Friday, which means I am jamming Big Youth. Period. One of the top ten things I have ever done in my life is making Friday Big Youth day. Honest.