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Remember the shitshow? The BYT message board was a huge success until it broke and was a lot of fun for a few annoying narcissists. Still, it was not all bad, and we decided that in lieu of our Friday VIDEO OF THE DAY we’re going to start doing  a redux of one of the most popular stupid threads from that wonderful wasteland of time: the pump up jams topic.


  • Neil Young – When You Dance I Can Really Love

I love neil young because he has has an album for every mood you could possibly be in

  • m83 – Unrecorded

Early m83 is my jam, back when they were a scuzzy electro-MBV knockoff

  • The Weeknd – The Party & The Afterparty

The audio equivalent of seeing the clock strike 4 am and knowing yr not sleeping in your bed that night


  • Lovers – Don’t You Want It

If you are into feeling some feelings kinda Friday jams.

  • Why? – Song Of The Sad Assassin

Why? literally changed my life.

  • Cloud Nothings – No Sentiment

What Cloud Nothings actually sounds like live. Hint: it is awesome.



  • OFF!  – Wipe Out
Sunny days are good for punk supergroup music vids full of surf and skate wipe outs and girls with guns.
  • Cap’n Jazz – Little League
Probably one of the best songs to ever exist/can’t you tell I want it to be summer already?
  • Yelle – Comme un Enfant (Freaks Remix)
If this doesn’t make you dance I don’t know what will.


  • Pop 1280 – Beg Like A Human
Wherein Pop.1280 battles fatigue by channeling their inner Shellac.
  • Grimes – Rosa
I’m not going to stop talking about Grimes until she plays DC.

Bear In Heaven – The Reflection Of You

Maybe we can shake the Animal Collective references now, considering how shitty Animal Collective is, but that means that we’re gonna start making Pet Shop Boys references.


You guys I’m really obsessed with Iceland right now. My list will reflect that.

  • Lay Low – By And By
  • Mugison – Murr Murr
    • Of Monsters And Men

    BRB, going to find a majestic hand-knit Icelandic sweater