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In honor of the Shitshow being so close to coming back I can almost taste the word-bile, we’ve been asking our contributors to randomly select songs from their iTunes to embarrass them.  Well this time, we’ve flipped the script–LITERALLY (get it?)– and turned our gaze on their netflix queues. Without cheating or swapping out the trash, they have sent us their next 5 Netflix rentals. It’s oversharing for no reason, which is what we’re all about here at BYT, as you probably know by now.

So without further ado, let’s get it on!

Becca sez:

Whip It – Very long wait for what feels like a lifetime.
Valentine’s Day – At least I didn’t pay to see it in theaters.
The Princess in the Frog – is it racist? is it positive for girls with curls? is it just a Disney movie?
The Informant! – Cale loved it.
The Assassination of Jesse James – no excuses necessary.


Logan sez:

Stalker (Tarkovsky)
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Bus 174
The Taste of Others [(in)appropriate slithering sound]
The White Ribbon

ROPED sez:

Paranormal Activity (just cuz my gf wants to see it I swear)
Daddy Nostalgia (Betrand Tavernier is the greatest director of all time even though he makes the same movie over and over again. I don’t remember if I’ve seen this one, so it’ll probably always be moved to the bottom.)

A Serious Man (No I haven’t seen it yet.)
Adventureland (I’d love to blame this on the gf but this is all me. I know it looks like a boilerplate indie film but just look at what the latest Flix user review says about it: THERE ARE SEVERAL CHUCKLE MOMENTS THAT ARE WORTH THE WATCH ALONE, BUT THE CAST IS TRULY SMOKING AND A JOY TO WATCH! Facepalm.
The Invention of Lying (Ricky Gervais has earned the right to make slightly cheesy Jim Carrey style moves and who am I to not support that?)


Alelphonzo Bravo says:

1. THE WIRE Season *something* Disc *something*
2. THE WIRE Season *something* Disc *something*
3. THE WIRE Season *something* Disc *something*
4. THE WIRE Season *something* Disc *something*
5. THE WIRE Season *something* Disc *something*
My (or I should say “my gf’s”) Netflix cue is pretty much The Wire-land for a good while.  She’s never seen it, and I feel like she’s meeting distant relatives that are staying with us for a few weeks.  I can’t wait till things reaaally kick in on Seasons 3 and 4, but I’m dreading having to get through 2 again (not that it was that awful, I just feel like that one’s going to have the least replay value).
And if we weren’t watching it already we would have started shortly after seeing this.  All glory to Matt Holland for showing it to me/making my day.


Alan sez:

Pulse (the Japanese version, not the shitty American remake)

Inside – I’m not even sure why it’s on my queue. French grossout horror isn’t really my thing, though I do love me some Gaspar Noe.

Priceless – I am sucker for Audrey Tatou and these kind of comedies in general.

Mister Foe – As far as coming-of-age stories go, this one seems unusually dark.

Branded to Kill – You just can’t go wrong with Yakuza movies from the sixties, especially when the director is this deranged.


Cale sez:

Pirate Radio (I with Philip Seymour Hoffman was my dad)

Youth in Revolt (not over him AT ALL)

Paranormal Activity (Peter, come over and we can watch together and cuddle)

Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode II (this show sux but the first star wars special was great, I mean it!  But for nerds only)

The Manchurian Candidate (the remake, is it any good?  I don’t remember adding it)



Andy sez:

Sherlock Holmes
I love it when Robert Downey, Jr. plays characters that are almost as drug/alcohol addled as he is.
Live Free or Die Hard
I’m a big fan of the Die Hard series, but still have not seen the fourth chapter. John McClane works for Homeland Security!?! I’m curious how much he can get away with working for the Department of Defense.
Mad Men: Season 2, Disc 2 – 4
Playing catch-up. Also watching for Christina Hendricks.

arent we all

The Hurt Locker
I hear this movie is really good.
Four Christmases
I just want to bro-down with Vince Vaughn.


Svetlana sez:

dirty sexy money season 1 disc 1 (big fan of hedonism and shows that got cancelled after only one season)
shall we kiss (i am romantic and optimistic)
death in love (i am romantic and pessimistic)
the black balloon (looks like “what’s eating gilbert grape” AND has toni colette in it, no other excuses needed)
big night (because i love it and byt food month made me want to rewatch it)


Now U tell us what’s on yr queue or if yr John Foster just go ahead and do the iPod one.