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To get you in the mood for a weekend full of activism, we’ve got your weekly dose of hot jams fired up over on Spotify.

For context, you can check out our blurbs below on why we’re vibing with each track on the playlist; click the links for music videos, and/or just fast-forward to the aforementioned SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (which features some bonus songs chosen by the #BYThings Instagram followers) for a WHOLE EXPERIENCE.

P.S. Consider this an open thread – leave your picks in the comments and we’ll add them to the playlist.

Chad Drummond‘s Picks

Talib Kweli – Just Begun

What I’ve been vibing to this week is “Just Begun” by Talib Kweli on Reflection Eternal. Though not a new song, Talib’s music comes from a certain place, which is what I presently need, and I find the combination of the lyrics and production in the song simultaneously heavy and uplifting.

Little Brother – The Beginning

I’ve also been listening to “The Beginning” by Little Brother, one of my favorite hip-hop groups, on the album Chitlin Circuit. The production is delightful soothing, while the chorus makes me feel hopeful. Again, not a new song, but I’ve been on it.

Megan Burns‘ Picks

Charlotte Adigéry – Paténipat

Charlotte Adigéry will take over La Blogotheque’s Stay Away Show stream tomorrow (6.13) at 1pm ET, which I am VERY excited about, and which has prompted me to revisit the greatness that is “Paténipat”. (More background on that here.)

Zen bonus: Yin Yang Self-Meditation


The entire BITCHPUNK EP is A VIBE, you guys. The top comment on the full YouTube stream is “I listen to this EP while blowing Hot Pockets up in my microwave”, which is a pretty good summation of the energy. If I had to choose a single track, it’s gotta be “INDULGE ME“, but luckily we’re not playing favorites today – IT IS ALL OF THEM.

Raleigh Ritchie – Party Fear

I’ve been pretty obsessed with Raleigh Ritchie this spring, and I’m VERY excited for his new record, Andy, to be released later this month. (June 26th if you wanna mark your calendar // I did.) “Aristocrats” was on heavy rotation for me in May, and “Party Fear” is THE ONE for June. (And also permanently, forever, because I hardcore identify as someone with mega party fear.)

Coco & Clair Clair – Sims 2


Marissa‘s Picks

Mez – MF + G

Mez has been on repeat since I heard one of his songs in my absolute favorite clothing store in the world, Wish in Atlanta. ” I pirate Bay the panties off her” is just the best line.

YFN Lucci – Wet 

This song is so sexy, whew. A very good addition to any “netflix and chill” playlist.

Koffee – W (feat Gunna)

Koffee (real name Mikayla Simpson) is one of my absolute favorite artists and W has quickly become my favorite tune, but everything is good, truly everything.

SAULT – Red Lights

Tune from the very very mysterious SAULT, it is just so so so good. If you only listen to one of my recommendations this week this should be it.

Why Won’t You Date Me with Nicole Beyer

I listened to the episode linked above with the incredible Monet X Change and absolutely fell in love with Nicole Beyer, I’ve spent the past two weeks listening to every episode. It’s always so hard to recommend podcasts because I think podcasts are so individual and one of those things where you might agree with someone on 99% of things but have COMPLETELY different podcast tastes but this one is just so good I know you will love it.  The theme song makes me crack up and almost pee every single time I hear it.