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Picks by: Jenn Tisdale, Svetlana Legetic, Brandon Wetherbee, Kaylee Dugan, Brandon Weight, and Mary Beth McAndrews

4th of July is almost upon us and of course you need some tunes to blast at that cookout, party, or whatever other debauchery you plan on getting into on this day of freedom and fireworks.

If you still have no idea what to do tomorrow, we are here to help. Also, if you like pools, inflatable things, and overall fun, check out our mega crazy pool party happening tomorrow. Fourth of July isn’t just one day, it’s a four-day event (for most of us). So, take Patrick Bateman’s hand and let him guide you through this gift that is a long weekend. Further more, check out some reasons why you should love America (believe me, it’s inspiring) and see what Twitter has to offer in the form of patriotism.

Without further ado, here’s what tunes we’re bumping this 4th of July and beyond:


The Talking Heads — “This Must Be The Place”

“Home, that’s where I want to be…” In my opinion this song is an ode to America and the peace and serenity we feel here when we aren’t worried about the NSA reading our minds. Also, it was featured in the 1987 hit film Wall Street…and honestly, what’s more American than greed? USA! USA! USA!



Obviously, I was going to choose a song about growing up in the Suburbs of the U.S.A. sung by a nice European lady who never lived in America. “Outside Suburbia’s sprawling everywhere / I don’t want to go baby / New York to East California / There’s a new wave coming I warn you / We’re the kids in America.” Also, prominently featured in CLUELESS which makes this a no-brainer choice.


Irene Cara — “WHAT A FEELING”

The American Dream in a song.


“Cops” theme song

Jesus Christ, this place can be depressing.

Public Enemy  “911 is a Joke”

At least we have Public Enemy. One of the best American bands of all-time showcasing how not great America can be.


Neil Diamond  “America”

Is this song racist? This song sounds racist.


America  “A Horse With No Name”

Best song about horses, the desert, and knowing/not knowing your name ever written. It has those great, hard hitting lines, like “the heat was hot” and “there were plants and birds and rocks and things”. Absolute perfection. Plus, the band is named America and there’s nothing more American than a band named America singing about horses. It gives me chills just thinking about it.


“North American Scum” – LCD Soundsystem

James Murphy’s high-energy, high-volume, high-sarcasm rant on North American values could be depressing. BUT IT’S SO CATCHY. Forget Berlin, forget England, forget trying to emulate our friends across the pond. You can look down on us, but we’ve got it going HERE IN NORTH AMERICA.

“Americans Abroad” – Against Me!

In a more blatantly bitter look at Americans, Against Me! riffs on American supremacy. Read into the lyrics deeply, and it’s clear Americans are profit-driven maniacs. But at face value, WE’RE THE BEST AT TAKING OVER EVERYTHING, and you can party like it’s your manifest destiny.

Mary Beth:

Team America  “America, Fuck Yeah”

I mean, the title says it all. If you don’t know this song, go watch the movie, Team America, where puppets save America from Korea. This song is sums up America in one vulgar yet lovely bundle (I mean, it’s by the guys who created South Park, so let that set your bar of expectations). Remember: “Freedom is the only way.”

Don McLean  “American Pie”

If you don’t all of the words to this song, you’re a liar.

Kanye West & Jay-Z, featuring Frank Ocean  “Made in America”

Nothing is more American than Kanye West and Jay-Z singing/rapping about America. It’s not as angry as most of their songs, and kind of sweet as Jay-Z raps about his grandma.