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In leau of the  Spandex Party tonight  and all things Superhero-dom we’re bringing you our Superhero Playlist. When you call your favorite superhero movies to mind, odds are, it’ll be their theme songs that run through your head before anything else. And that’s how it should be…but there’s one thing that their lacking…the power to make you dance. Well we’ve fixed that problem, so grab your tights and cape and checkout our pre-party hero jams, BYT style.

  • First off, our SPANDEX resident DJs of CTRL put together the perfect playlist to get you pumped for tonight (P.S. Oh Our God how epic is this intro???)
  • Next up, DJ MAJR carefully, lovingly assembled some of the best beats just prime for your costume/glitter/cape-donning routine this evening:




A Track for the Reveal:

The Reveal is the most climactic park of the any action flick, and also the most hot. And nothing in the Superman mythos is probably as iconic as Clark Kent ripping open his shirt to reveal the “S” on his chest. The pose, the attitude, and the fierceness creates a long lasting impression on all civilians. And it is for this reason that Benny Benassi- Satisfaction is the perfect track for ripping off the boring exterior and becoming you inner macho saving machine.



A Track for Kicking Ass and Saving Stuff:

Ok whatever, I know the Harlem Shake song is everywhere and you might be tired of all the overdone youtube vids. But I’m not! The Harlem shake  makes me feel i’ve drank 10 red bulls and i’m spinning around in circles. Judge not. Plus It would make  the perfect background track for all the distruction and villian destroying you’ll be doing as superhero.



You know what’s better than a superhero who’s got everything thing together? A superhero with real life problems and moments of weakness, DUH. It makes their triumphant return to world saving that much sweeter. But lets face it, a moment of weakness must suck for them. So, there is no song more more fitting than the emo classic Linkin Parks Numb background music of their brief moment of despair.


Linkin Park-In the End


Damsel In Distress:

Recusing a damsel in Distress is apart of every superhero’s M.O. Even when the world is seemingly crashing and burning all around them they still have time to save the love of their lives. That’s why Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Atsley is the only 80s party jam capable of capturing the mood. A light foot tap and snap to this groove while saving your hunny from the clutches of death? Sounds like my kind of fun.


Rick Atsley-Never Gonna Give you up


Villians are  messed up human beings who will stop at nothing to mess up the status quo in the world, but admit it or not, you dig their style. Villians are confident enough in themselves to flaunt their bad attitude (and ugly facial features) even when everyone else in the world despises them. Nas ft. Puff Daddy (When he was going by the name)- Hate me Now is the Hater anthem. It sends a message to all the good for nothin’ good two shoes that they don’t care what they think. So hate on haters while we thug it out.




The Day is Saved Yet Again:

So you’ve saved the day…just like everyone expected you to because your just that talented. Now It’s time to slowly walk away from the scene nonchalantly and composed like all hero’s do (really  it’s a way they try to catch their breath). What better song to exit to that America’s A-hole himself Kanye West? Kanye’s Stronger samples a Daft Punk beat and epitomizes what it takes to be Harder, Better, Faster, and stronger, all while doing your victory dance.


Alright your set. You’ve seen my superhero theme songs. What are yours?

Oh and get your superhero booty to Spandex this friday. WE can’t wait to see your moves!