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Well, it certainly IS Friday. We have this fancy Weekend Survival guide published for you, but much like most Fridays these days, we felt we ALL needed more music. So we rallied some of our team members and BYT LIveStream performers and asked them what songs are keeping their spirits at least (semi) high right now: the results are below if you are in the mood for music videos and also ON THIS SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (plus some bonus songs chosen by the #BYThings instagram followers).

P.S. Consider this an open thread – leave your picks in the comments and we’ll add them to the playlist. Last week’s picks are here.

Ruth Allen Ginsburg’s Picks

Twice – Fancy

I have no idea what they’re saying but girl, I am living. Twice is classic K-pop. They’re upbeat, dancey, and absolutely flawless to watch. Taking a break from learning Tiktok dances to try to learn theirs.

Christine and the Queens, Caroline Polachek – La Vita Nuova

Christine and the Queens give us nonstop bops – and when they’re teamed up with Caroline Polachek, you know you’re getting the artsy weird shit that just scracthes that itch. Plus, the music video is vampire gothic, and absolutely beautiful.

Megan’s Picks:

Dua Lipa – Hallucinate (BBC News Remix)

We were v. busy live streaming on Instagram all day last Friday, so while this would’ve ideally hit your radar back then (I’ve been listening nonstop since April 28th), it just could not be helped! But we are doing it now! The absolute GENIUS Ben Howell created a BBC News-ified remix of Dua Lipa’s “Hallucinate”, and HOLY FUCK IS IT EVER A BOP. (Not just *a* quarantune, but *THE* quarantune.)

The Shacks – This Strange Effect

Another one I meant to blabber on about last week, but alas! This is by no means a brand new track (debuted back in 2017), but it was used to soundtrack a REAL GOOD moment on Killing Eve two Sundays ago (which I shant spoil, but IF U KNOW U KNOW), and it feels correct to follow through with posting about it now.

Raleigh Ritchie – Aristocrats

I. Just. Really. Like. This. TUNE. (Yes. It. Is. By. GREY WORM.)

Pre-Social Distancing Nostalgia Bonus: Moonchild – The List

I FUCKING MISS A SUPERMARKET SWEEP, YOU GUYS. While all of you will be out having sex post-pandemic, I will be reuniting myself with the grocery store aisles; I will be slowly, aimlessly, luxuriously browsing until they kick me out at closing time, and it will be exactly like the video for this song.

Marissa’s Picks:

DaBaby – ROCKSTAR (ft. Roddy Ricch)

This song just sounds like summer and is a perfect distraction! Been listening to it on my daily walks and dreaming of the time when I can actually book a trip somewhere.

Billie Eilish – ilomilo (MBNN remix)

DJ Lemz played this onlast week’s Day IN DC special edition of 9:30 club’s BENT and it has been on repeat ever since, lots of living room dance parties. It is just so good.

Chaz Sonique’s Picks

I watched Selena once or twice growing up but within the past year and a half she has grown into some I love and adore because of my bae jules. within the past month hearing him sing dreaming of you by Selena has always been the highlight of my day especially in hard times & its a constant nudge that love heals. 
The title of the song just forces me to listen to this song. but the colors tell a story of of feeling lost or alond even in a room full of people.


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