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Well, it certainly IS Friday. We have this fancy Weekend Survival guide published for you, but much like most Fridays these days, we felt we ALL needed more music. So we rallied some of our team members and BYT LIveStream performers and asked them what songs are keeping their spirits at least (semi) high right now: the results are below if you are in the mood for music videos and also ON THIS SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (plus some bonus songs chosen by the #BYThings instagram followers).

P.S. Consider this an open thread – leave your picks in the comments and we’ll add them to the playlist. Last week’s picks are here.

Megan’s picks:

Colleen Green – TV

This is a shout-out to TV, which has played a leading role in getting me the fuck through the past six weeks! Additionally, I think this is a perfect song!

CLIO – T’as vu

Sometimes you need a bit of a mega-brood in French, and CLIO delivers tenfold on this front. (And the music video has major social distancing vibes, which is a situational bonus.) 

Julia Jacklin – Pressure To Party

1. There is absolutely zero pressure to party right now. 2. This track is a perma-bop.

Angie McMahon – Pasta

I am now officially past the forty day point of quarantine, and this whole song feels very much like an appropriate anthem. Goddamn if the words “and I spend so much time eating pasta” don’t sum up this whole experience perfectly…

Svetlana’s picks:

Mars Argo – Using You

Twee AF. And I mean that as a compliment. I think. 

Alvvays – Marry Me, Archie

I am apparently refusing to listen to any brand new music right now. This song is so perfect: poppy and nasaly and fuzzy. 

Best Coast – When I am With You

No new songs! No New Songs! Plus, Betheny is doing the SPACE SONGS concert next week, so this is nice get-in-the-mood action. 

BONUS: Fiona Apple – all of it. STILL. There are no bad songs.

Marissa’s Picks:

Diplo – Do Si Do

I didn’t think I loved country music, I love everything Diplo does under his “Thomas Wesley” country alter-ego, and this newest release is no different.

Tritonal – Never Be The Same  (ALPHA 9 REMIX)

Everything has double meaning these daysss and I already enjoyed this tune but Alpha 9’s synthy remix gives it new life.

Kito – Wild Girl

This song is just so good. I don’t even know what to say just listen.


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