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Well, it certainly IS Friday. We have this fancy Weekend Survival guide published for you, but much like most Fridays these days, we felt we ALL needed more music. So we rallied some of our team members and BYT LIveStream performers and asked them what songs are keeping their spirits at least (semi) high right now: the results are below if you are in the mood for music videos and also ON THIS SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (plus some bonus songs chosen by the #BYThings instagram followers).

P.S. Consider this an open thread – leave your picks in the comments and we’ll add them to the playlist. Last week’s picks are here.

Megan’s picks:

Los Bitchos – Pista

Springtime (even the trapped indoors kind) puts me in a mega mood for cumbia psych vibes, and VERY conveniently, Los Bitchos (pretty much the coolest band in recent memory) MAJORLY DELIVER on this front. You should listen to all their tunes (this KEXP performance is ace), but if you want the bonus incentive of learning how to make a margarita, The Link Is About To Die is an excellent next step.

Gavin Turek – Whitney

This song is like, all of the posi-vibes we need right now. (Also feels v. appropriate for a fashion montage, even if and especially because we are confined to our homes for the foreseeable future.)

Parcels – IknowhowIfeel

A very good soundtrack for exaggeratedly (and mildly funkily?) marching around the living room. Ideal for bouncing your knees and dramatically power-pointing at various objects.


(Because this one hits different in quarantine.)

Svetlana’s picks:

A Ronettes cover by these three adorable ladies (sisters?) who apparently make a living just getting millions of views on youtube covering golden oldies. This is the content I can 150% get behind.
Follow the Barbarettes unironic covers, with the delightfully bratty (and by now throw-backy in and of itself) Pippettes in all their fake 1960s girl band glory.
A perfect pop song from an imperfect movie.
BONUS: Fiona Apple – all of it. There are no bad songs (and the new album is out TODAY, with a NPR listening party happening)

Marissa’s Picks:

TroyBoi – Do You?
This popped up randomly on spotify and I had to stop what I was doing to dance and send it to at least 5 people.

A R I Z O N A – Problems 
In the general scheme of things, I think everything we thought were problems are no longer realllly problems, but this is still a beautiful and catchy songs.

Yellow Claw – Get Up (feat. Kiddo)
You gotta learn when you hurting / You gotta get up and put the pieces back
Oddly inspiring lyrics for a Yellow Claw tune and fun to dance to.

Special Social Distancing Bonus: Deorro – All This Time
More relevant lyrics! Let’s rewind/ ‘Cause I can’t believe / Feels like centuries. I fully realize there is some relationship being referenced here but also applies to the pandemic.

Drag Queen Ruth Allen Ginsburg‘s Picks (support Ruth here):

It’s childhood nostalgia with a bedroom belt-worthy melody. Ariana takes on not ONLY the iconic sardonic Megara, but ALSO all of the Muses. The perfect thing to wake up to today, and the tune I can’t get out of my head.
Perfume Genius is essential listening. He’s got beautiful soundscapes, heart-wrenching lyrics, and a strange way of making you dance and cry at the same time. “On the Floor” is that perfect, melancholy piece that has you longing for someone’s touch. Or maybe that’s just the quarantine.
Caroline Polachek already DID THAT when she released So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings. “Show me the banana” as a bridge? Legendary. A.G. Cook gives the piece some much-appreciated chaos, and some unexpected key changes.

House of Sonique‘s Chaz Sonique‘s Picks (Support Chaz here):


These are the songs that no matter the moment, a smile was always brung to my face either with the melody, lyrics or thoughtfulness of the tune.

Wesley Della Volla‘s (Host of our weekly Plant Care Hotline on BYTLive) Picks:

AVAN LAVA: This City

Overall I’ve been feeling nostalgic for simpler days, sweaty dance filled nights, and confetti cannons. So naturally I find myself reliving SXSW dreams and U Street Music Hall magic. We still in this city dancing.
The nostalgia continues with the glam-rock-dance-inde-pop track that began my now more than decade long love affair with Dragonette. Nearly fifteen years later I still find myself slinking through my apartment to its driving beats. Dramatically turning at every mirror while I forcefully flip my latest caftan.
TIMELESS. ICONIC. IRREVERENT. Kylie (check the trademark request comments) has been making us smile for decades, but this song is just a pure shot of medical grade endorphins. “Wow” was a sleeper dance hit from her tenth album aptly named “X” and came off the heels of her overcoming breast cancer. If Kylie can find this much joy after that gut punch of hardship. Just remember “You got it” .
Cause let’s be honest…we are stuck alone at home…what else there to think about?

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