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Well, it certainly IS Friday. We have this fancy Weekend Survival guide published for you, but much like most Fridays these days, we felt we ALL needed more music. So we rallied some of our team members and BYT LIveStream performers and asked them what songs are keeping their spirits at least (semi) high right now: the results are below if you are in the mood for music videos and also ON THIS SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (plus some bonus songs chosen by the #BYThings instagram followers).

P.S. Consider this an open thread – leave your picks in the comments and we’ll add them to the playlist. Last week’s picks are here.

Desiree Dik‘s Picks (support Desiree here)

It’s such a good walk way song…and I’m stuck at home so I been practicing lol
It’s a good pop to listen to while cleaning or playing Animal crossing
I mean it’s just a fun out beat twerking song to lift up your mood lol

Megan’s picks:

France Gall – Ella Elle L’a (Folamour Edit)

I’ve just fully been going down YouTube autoplay rabbit holes lately because there’s fuck all else to do, and it’s had some p. decent results for the most part! This is a track edit I didn’t even know I needed (like, I NEVER wanna be so bold as to say ANYTHING tops a France Gall oridge, but…) – super good for looking at yourself in the mirror while dancing with furrowed eyebrows.

I have never wanted to be somebody more than I want to be Yaeji, you guys. This is the title track from her new mixtape (which I have not stopped listening to for a very long time), and it is FIRE. (Also, always sign me up for a music video that involves an onion fren!)
Barcelona-based queer dance party MARICXS has been churning out some real good, real diverse content during this weird time, so CHECK ‘EM OUT. The one and only Or:la put out this mix for the cause yesterday around noon ET. A v. good, heady, hour-long listen if you’re up for experimental vibes. (It’s not like you don’t have the time!)
This one mainly goes out to all my homies who are KERRI STRUGGLING in isolation right now. I personally feel like I’m CR00ZIN’ USA, but that’s because I’m naturally a borderline recluse. Anyway, this is a track that directly speaks to missing human interaction, and it is vibey, and so here you go.

Svetlana’s picks:

the woman is a national treasure and now, basically every other person in America can relate
I am not sure if this is actually good but it  sure is catchy and timely?
Not giving up on this Christmas-in-April thing

Marissa’s Picks:

I don’t need no one else / I’m better by myself
This week’s isolation anthtem is all about enjoying your own company*. *typed in between the 3 virtual coffee dates I scheduled for this am because I am going stir crazy and can’t be in a room with myself for this long. Also TikTok (or TimTom as my friend and I call it, don’t ask) is my main source of music.
I’ve only been listening to Pop Smoke while working from home, idk it helps me concentrate.

For if you are like me and have been having the most problems sleeping during the quarantimes, a song called 3am which is also perfect for 3am dance parties.

Carl Maynard‘s Picks (support Carl here): 

I love pop music and when i hear a pop song that i cant get enough of, i listen to it constantly. This track by the duo Honestly hits everything I love in a pop song.
My favorite test of how much i love a record is to drive with it at night. Windows down, music up with one hand out the window. This song, just hits the feels. Sam Hunt to me is the future of country music.
No playlist i make can ever be complete with a track from LA based LANY. “taking me back” has the unique gift of being a song you can listen to at the start of your morning or the end of your night. There is never a moment when this song doesn’t lift me up and put me in a good mood. 

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