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Well, it certainly IS Friday. We have this fancy Weekend Survival guide published for you, AND a Dance Yrself Clean Playlist from earlier this week, but as the day went on, we felt we ALL needed more music. So we rallied some of our team members and asked them what songs are keeping their spirits at least (semi) high right now: the results are below if you are in the mood for music videos and also ON THIS SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (plus some bonus songs chosen by the #BYThings instagram followers)

P.S. Consider this an open thread – leave your picks in the comments and we’ll add them to the playlist.

Megan’s picks:

The frenetic energy of this song really encapsulates my pinballing emotions the past three weeks. (Also, it is a mega-bop.)
I mean, kind of right on the nose re: social distancing-relevant title amirite? Good for groovin’, major posi-vibes. (NEED ‘EM.)
Big Miel de Montagne fan over here, esp. as of late // soothin’ tunes, v. vibey, might even motivate me to pick up learning French again. (Probably not, but you never know.)
I love Lorn in the first place, but ultra shout-out to whoever made this music video ft. real footage from next week!

Svetlana’s picks:

Latin pop stars will be the cure for coronavirus, obviously? The link leads to a video that is worth every second of your time.
I’ve watched this movie 9 times in the last 3 weeks.
Because… also soothing

Alan’s Picks:

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – “Reducer”

You cannot deny a band with a name like that.
Bass-heavy indie pop just sounds better when it’s in French. It’s science.

Phil’s Picks:

Pulp: “Dishes”

We are all Jarvis.

Marissa’s Picks:

Lay Your Head on Me (feat Marcus Mumford) – Major Lazer

Marcus Mumford repeating in my head “don’t be afraid” is exactly what I need to get through the weeked, I’ve been listening to this on repeat. Much more tropical chill house than normal Major Lazer tracks, it is very much a quarantine theme song.
My Saturday nights are now dedicated to Dillon Francis and Diplo’s Coronanight Fever set (and now they’re doing a livestream world tour) I fully plan on putting it on blast and dancing in my living room. I am sorry neighbors.
Rowdy – Memba
This song is insane, I um definitely have to clean the bathroom at some point this weekend so I’ll have a bathroom cleaning dance party.

Jose’s Picks:

Chuck Mangione – “Feels So Good – Live (1978/Hollywood Bowl)”

Was Smooth Jazz invented by advertisers to keep the wheels of capitalism spinning? Maybe. Can Chuck Mangione play the fuck out of a French horn? Absolutely. I listen to this and imagine driving along the coast back in the DR, windows down and buzzing in sync with the music. It is so idyllic and soothing and innocent; a throwback to simpler times.
The perfect mixture of weird and familiar. Love what they’ve been doing for the last few years and this song – the opening track on their latest album, Heaven To A Tortured Mind – sets the tone for what is a pretty promising record upon first listen (it was released this morning).
DJ Screw – “Leanin'”
I recently re-read Jia Tolentino’s Trick Mirror. In “Ecstasy”, one of the standout essays in the collection, she recounts her fairly religious upbringing in Houston, as well as the slow unraveling of her faith, replaced by a curiosity in more worldly aspects of life. She artfully – and beautifully – makes a parallel between communion and music, specifically about chopped and screwed, the rap style invented and perfected in Houston’s concrete and gravel arteries.
I ended up going down the rabbit hole and reading about/listening to a LOT of DJ Screw and Lil Keke and Lil’ Flip and Big Moe. Needless to say the slow, pitched down, wavy timbre of chopped n’ screwed is perfect for letting time pass you by. I recommend getting a disco ball and laser rig and pointing it at your ceiling for enhanced enjoyment; I’ll leave the codeine cough syrup to you.

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