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I’m the kind of weirdo who loves to pay extra for ridiculous things like Hulu Plus, YouTube Premium (look I signed up so I could watch Cobra Kai and now I stream weird commercial-free ASMR videos the way God intended) or actual basic cable. I will not apologize for a deep and abiding love for Hallmark Christmas movies. Well, I just found one thing that ISN’T ridiculous to pay for – and actually saves me money while getting me to ALL the best local events in the city.

Insert INWEGO,  a shiny new subscription here in DC that I am more than happy to pay for and honestly it’s a no-brainer. For only $49/month, I get access to a shit ton of concerts, sporting events, crazy food festivals (I have stuffed my face with both crabs and gelato though not simultaneously but please know I would do that), comedy shows AND SO MUCH MORE. Whether I hit up one event a month or twenty, it’s still just $49 – with no additional ticket fees WHATSOEVER!

It’s also super easy to use/navigate and please understand that technology terrifies me. I don’t know how to use Photoshop and as previously stated I still use cable because things like Rokus confound me. If I can use INWEGO literally ANYONE CAN.

How does it work? Excellent question. (Remember I once had to ask someone to show me how to find unread emails in my Gmail account so it’s SIMPLE). First you download the INWEGO app, duh. Then, you subscribe ($49/month is SO CHEAP). Now comes the fun part: choose events. I just took a peek and if you sign up TODAY (using promo code BYT which gets you 50% off through 9/30) you can catch Ozzy Osbourne at Jiffy Lube Live, eat way too much (not possible) at the Chesapeake Oyster & Wine Festival, get a good chuckle in at the Helen Hong show, and you can go North of the Wall at the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience. WINTER IS COMING AND IT LOVES MUSIC. Check out the full event calendar this month here.

Okay the Red Wedding probably wasn’t on INWEGO but you know what is? Literally everything else! By the way you can 100% go to any event by yourself because you are a strong independent person but let’s say you want to bring a friend and they haven’t signed up for INWEGO (why?), you can snag a guest pass to bring a pal. If your friends already signed up (smart move) you can link your ticket with INWEGO friends so you can sit together. You can INWEGO together (get it?).

Your sweet sweet ticket will be available via the app the day of the event so just check-in when you get there and HAVE SOME DANG FUN. It’s so easy. It’s so affordable. I really did eat so many crabs and gelato thanks to INWEGO. May you do the same!

Don’t forget to sign up by 9/30 with code BYT for 50% off your first month!