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all photos: Kimberly Cadena

Malaka Gharib and Claire O’Neill live in an enchanted little house, next to an enchanted little (community) garden and in between everyday sort of enchanted things (like playing drums and working for NPR) they produce an extra enchanted little food ‘zine (yes! A ZINE!) called “THE RUNCIBLE SPOON”, named after a line in Edward Lear “The Owl and The Pussycat” which describes a fantastical eating device that is always changing.

So, yeah: in a sentence, Malaka Gharib and Claire O’Neill probably have more lively inner lives than you and I and you want them as your friends and your ‘zine producers. Lucky for you with their launch party tomorrow night @ SOVA, you get to do both (+enter a dip making contest which we can all agree is a contest where EVERYONE wins)

Anyway, since being around adorable people who do adorable things is our calling in life, we swung by their home to look at their beautiful, all handmade ‘zine, and chat about their hopes and dreams for it.

How it all works is that Malaka illustrates, Claire painstakingly collages and together they seek some of their favorite food writers and personalities around to contribute. Each issue (and this is #3) is seasonally themed and this particular one includes includes drink lessons from City Paper’s Beer Spotter’s Orr Stuhl, Thai recipes from Brock Kuhlman and more (dream guest writer? MARK! BITTMAN! (they say this in unison, exclamation points included).

And while the idea of a ‘zine is so adorably pre-internet, they do go about it in a very tech savvy way: sure everything is hand drawn, assembled and then scanned and printed (this time around 500 copies), but if you go to their website, you can download the PDF of the issue and make your own copy and you can also donate to the Runcible Spoon cause on kickstarter, and naturally, there is a twitter and facebook for all your fantastical eating needs, real time. In a way, it is the best of both worlds.

Future plans include but are not limited to: stalking MARK! BITTMAN!, doing an impromptu dinner party where everyone’s invited @ Dupont Circle, more issues, more food, more everything.

Dream spring dinners:
Malaka: Harissa-mint turkey burgers on toasted brioche, salad of boiled new potatoes, dill and green beans with mustard vinaigrette.

Claire: Grilled salmon with grilled kale and asparagus — with buttery lemony spring herby rice — at a candle-lit patio dinner table!

Perfect DC spring night out:
Malaka: early dinner of shrimp and grits at bistro la bonne, cocktails outdoors at marvin or the gibson, hookah + appetizers on the patio of soussi to hang out + people watch

Claire: A lobster roll from the lobster truck, eaten at the tidal basin, and end the night with a rooftop margarita at lauriol plaza

Want more? Get your zine + bring a dip tomorrow @ SOVA:

(p.s. have an adorable/awesome/weird project you’re working on? let us know about it at [email protected], if we think it’s adorable/awesome/weird enough, we’ll swing by and cover it)