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The Script have become a fixture on mainstream radio with pop hits like Falling to Pieces, Breakeven, The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, and their latest chart-climbing single, Hall of Fame, featuring none other than Top 40 veteran, Will.I.Am.

Although the Dublin-based trio are known for producing melodic, radio-friendly pop cuts —  their new record, #3 boasts a darker, more emotionally-charged sound that demonstrates the band’s maturity without sacrificing their commercial appeal. The intricately-written, melancholy tracks tell poignant tales of heartbreak through an eclectic array of styles ranging from R&B to indie folk.

We recently caught up with drummer Glen Power who said the unique combination of genres is a result of “just going into the studio and jamming without any real idea of what we’re going for.”

The Irish trio have kept songwriting between themselves on their previous records, but for their third album they hit the studio with the mastermind behind the Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am, and the unusual collaboration produced outstanding results.

“It was amazing to work with him,” Power said enthusiastically.

“We didn’t originally plan on working with him, we usually just work by ourselves, but he knew Danny,” (both Will.I.Am and lead singer Danny O’Donoghue are judges on the UK’s X Factor,) “and he wanted to be involved in the album so we brought him in and it worked out really well. He’s a great guy.”

Power said the song developed organically, with all four musicians fusing their ideas together to create the album’s lead single.

“We’re really lucky he wanted to work with us,” he continued. “He’s so talented. It’s really inspiring.”

The Script are currently rounding out a massive US tour during which they’ve played the largest venues of their career to continuously sold-out crowds. Power said that while the tour schedule can be grueling, the unique, infectious energy of US audiences re-invigorates them night after night.

“They greet us with open arms,” said Power.  “They just want to hear us play music. We always feel honored coming here,” he continued.

Power, along with his band mates (and best friends since adolescence,) Danny O’Donoghue, and Mark Sheehan,  bring their seamless blend of sonically-pleasing soul and pop to each venue. While the set will primarily feature tracks from their new record, fans can expect high-energy renditions of hits spanning the band’s entire catalogue.

“We’re  going to play a killer set,” he said. “I promise you that.”