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DC is catching up to Brooklyn. Slowly. 2008 Brooklyn.

If the folks behind the very awesome Brooklyn Flea are producing a weekly antique/artisan/jewelry/craft/food truck market, the Brooklyn comparison is 100% welcome.

Beginning this Saturday and running each Saturday until October 19 from 10am to 5pm at 945 Florida Ave NW (super close the 9:30 Club), District Flea will take our money. We’ll spend money on lamps and food trucks and kitchen tables and steamer trunks and coat racks and bike racks and vintage prints and re-enact that scene from Louie where Louis doesn’t understand why it’s a horrible idea to keep fawning over Pamela and confesses his love.

Anyway, District Flea begins this Saturday. Bring cash. And checks. And a credit card. Most vendors take credit. This is going to be horrible. I’m going to buy too much. I’m going to buy a new coat. I’m going to buy a bunch of coats.

We spoke to District Flea Market Manager Hugh McIntosh about why Brooklyn is coming to DC, buying at the market and the negative connotation with the word ‘flea.’

Brightest Young Things: Why DC?

Hugh McIntosh: I’m from DC. I’ve been living in New York for a while. We felt that this is a moment in DC that’s like it was in Brooklyn in 2008.

BYT: What are some of the specifics that make it seem like we’re feeling like New York five years ago? 

HM: There’s a lot of interest and actual small businesses and entrepreneurs that want to do more locally produced, locally collected kind of thing. The kind of things that work well in our format.

BYT: Have you brought the Flea to any other cities? 

HM: We opened one in Philly at the beginning of the summer and it’s still going strong. It’ll run through November.

We’re seeing what it’s like in DC.

BYT: How did you find the space?

HM: I just biked around. I’m a big believer of the bike when you’re getting to try to know a place, and I knew I wanted to be near 14th and U and Petworth and I just came across it.

BYT: What’s the consensus thus far?

HM: There’s been an overwhelming amount of interest. It’s been great to hear all that.

I think there are a lot of people in that neighborhood that are always looking to do something on weekends.

BYT: How much money will you bring with you when you go to the flea market?

HM: Oh man, I usually bring around $100 in cash and a check in case I see something expensive and I absolutely need.

These days most vendors take credit cards.

BYT: Is that good or bad?

HM: Depends on your budget.

BYT: What’s your last good purchase at the flea market?

HM: I got a pair of lamps, kinda yellow, modern lamps, that make my living room.

BYT: Why did you get involved with the market?

HM: I always loved the market in Brooklyn and the way it brings people together. I also love the food aspect. Mix with a lot of interesting people.

BYT: Is there a bad connotation with the term ‘flea market?’

HM: I think when most people think flea market they’re thinking of a large scale garage sale with people selling crap. I think that’s one of the reasons people responded so well to the Brooklyn Flea Market. I do think we’re changing the term.

District Flea begins Saturday, September 14 and runs through October 19. Go hungry.