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With over a decade as both a vocalist for and producer of soulful and top-tier deep house productions, Austrian-born star Cassy has established a standard of excellence that is to be lauded. She’s in DC on Friday night for the Deep Secrets party at Warehouse Loft, with support from Chris Burns, Juan Zapata, Marko Peli and Mazi. I had the opportunity to interview her and ask her about her dramatic inspirations, signature style and thoughts about both her future and that of dance as a genre.

How has your theatrical background aided your work? Tech/deep house are such finesse-based styles that understanding and having a flair for drama would seem to have had an immediate influence and would have space to grow over the years as well.

Maybe it’s different for everyone, but for me having had a drama training or any form of education means the way you deal with the whole job, with the music and the audience. It translates itself more abstractly.

From an emotional standpoint, what was the allure of dance music? Which tracks and clubs first had a profound influence, and why?

Well dance music is intoxicating is fetching entrancing with or without drugs. I don’t really have specific clubs or tracks that I would be able to name as profound influence. There was a club in vienna or parties I went to regularly. But I don’t think this was anything compared to what soundfactory was for some people. I love clubs and I love dance music and I didn’t need any covincing ever.

As a vocalist, I find that your style adds a seemingly unfathomable and haunting depth and soul to minimal tracks. Who were your most profound influences as a vocalist at the beginning, and what are the most important concepts that drive how you approach the style of vocal you add to a production?

My concept is to not have a concept and to be as organic as possible.

Your thoughts on a new generation of American house fanatics, and attempting to give them the experiences and vibes while touring the US that will broaden their interest in dance music past top-40 pop radio that has introduced them to the world of dance music styles.

Hmm. Wow this is question that I cannot really answer so quickly or in a few lines. Interesting times we have write now in the music world. In the sense that things could be lead in a good direction by all of us. It’s obviously all a bit sad the way it looks now.

You’ve worked with an amazing blend of talent, from Luciano to Steve Bug, Dave the Hustler and so many more. Are you at a place now where you can be more selective now insofar as collaborations? What about a fellow producer’s sound and style attracts you to their work, and who are you listening to at the moment?

I am listening to many different things. I love new dubstep producers. I think everyone can always be very selective about who they’re working with. Curiosity and inspiration all of it is important to be working with someone else. And it’s great to be working with other people not to do everything by oneself.

As someone with such an intriguing tale as to how you found dance music, does having a successful and thriving career in the genre still feel strange a new every day, or are you now at a place where you have accepted that you are exactly where you never imagined you would be? How does this effect setting future goals and the nature of your aspirations?

It’s great to be earning money with something you love doing and it’s so rewarding to get amazing or good feeback. And it’s super important to keep your feet on the ground and have real friends and real people around you that have the same general idea about life and the world, otherwise you will lose yourself in bullshit, get side tracked and lose the love for it all. Some people never had any love for anything in the first place.

This is your second time playing for the Deep Secrets crew in Washington DC. How does DC compare to the rest of world?

D.C. is super different from all the other cities I know, for apparent reasons. I find it very interesting and I would love to visit it properly one day.