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Tomorrow, Saturday, October the 5th, the Mutual Feelings tour, a joint effort between #Feels and #Vibes and #Pokemon producer Ryan Hemsworth and his rising-star tourmate Cyril Hahn hit 88 Palace in Chinatown. We had a chance to chance to chat with Cyril in advance of the show.

Cyril is a Vancourver, British Columbian via Switzerland that rocketed onto the dance music scene with his remix of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name,” following up with a clutch of stunning female-fronted remixes including the likes of Solange Knowles, Jessie Ware, HAIM, Mariah Carey, and as well as his original productions such as “Perfect Form” ft. Shy Girls which quickly shot to acclaim among dance aficionados.

Most, if not all, of his work wouldn’t strike you as a club tunes. None of them pelt you over the head with throbbing bass or rattle you with clattering snare runs. His synth texture styles are sanded down so much as to wash over tracks like gauzy, harmonious abstractions. Unlike typical ‘diva vocal’ cuts, Cyril often dials down the pitch of vocal melodies so that, rather than pointing tracks with soprano performances, most vocal leads evoke a dusky sensuality, more in tune with a seductive lounge singer instead of the pop divas that front his remixes. His newest single “Perfect Form” features Brooklyn-based Shy Girls, an a glittering tribute to the feminine form that’s perfect for the dance floor or the bed room.

BYT: How has your summer? What have you been up to in the last few months?

Cyril Hahn: My summer has been great but also incredibly busy. I toured Europe in June, played some select US shows, then headed back for another Europe tour in July, worked back in the studio in August, then left again for Europe late August and started my North American tour right after.

What do you think is the common bond between yourself and your tourmate Ryan Hemsworth?

I think what we have in common is the fact that we both come for a more left-field background musically but we really embrace mainstream pop, rap and rnb. Our music is a weird mix of both worlds.

You’re from Switzerland, but you have a recurring theme of American R&B-inspired compositions and remixes. What elements of your own upbringing and sense of music history inspire you when working on a song?

Growing up I listened mostly to punk & hardcore music which is pretty far off from what I do now. I definitely think the kind of noise/raw approach of those genres left a mark in my production.

Your track “Perfect Form” is lovely. I noticed you also featured a Shy Girl’s track in your French Kiss on a The-Drum Remix of their track “Under Attack.” How did you connect and begin working with Shy Girls?

I heard “Under Attack” on Soundcloud and was just blown away by both Shy Girl’s vocals and production. We just started emailing, bounced some ideas around and at the end he sent me an amazing acapella which turned into Perfect Form.

Who are some DJs and/or producers that you currently look up to these days and why?

At the moment I’m really into people Gerry Read or Leon Vynehall. I love their really raw approach to house music. Their sound is a lot noisier but also a lot more organic.

In all your touring what are some of your favorite memories from abroad so far?

I’ve actually only started touring a couple of months ago so it’s all pretty new to me. I really love playing in places where I’ve never been before.

Does anything inspire your music that isn’t directly linked with music? (i.e. books, movies, etc) What do you do in your spare time when not concentrating on music?

Since I spend so much time in clubs when I am on tour I really like to take it easy when I’m home. I love to cook, have my friends over for beers or watch Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Your Perfect Form EP drops on October 22nd, what can we expect from it besides “Perfect Form.”

It has another track on it called Raw Cut and two remixes of Perfect Form by Henry Krinkle and No Artifical Colours.

What do you eat on tour? Do you eat well / a lot of junk food / interesting restaurants, etc.

I try to eat healthy but it’s hard on tour. I’m often in airports so I consume a lot of shitty sandwiches but I try to go for a nice dinner before my shows.

What sort of night can we expect to have at a Hemsowrth / Hahn double bill? Do your styles complement each other or overlap in many ways?

It’s been super fun so far. We’ve been taking turns headlining the nights and I think our sounds definitely go really well together. With Ryan you can expect a bit more rap, with me you can expect a bit more house.